Korn Finishing Up LP, Jonathan Davis Says Bizkit's Axeman 'No Wes'

Band currently recording drum tracks for album's 10 new songs.

By the time Korn hit the road with Ozzfest, their next album should be in the can.

The band is currently recording drum tracks for the album's 10 new songs, and hopes to have the disc completed by the end of June, frontman Jonathan Davis said in a recent Web chat on korn.com.

Korn will self-produce the as-yet-untitled disc. Before recording their last album, Untouchables, Korn met with several big-name producers including David Bottrill (Tool, Godsmack) and Michael Beinhorn (Hole, Marilyn Manson). They wound up hiring Beinhorn, who helped give the record a rigid, claustrophobic feel. This time, however, Korn decided only they can capture their true vibe (see "Korn To Shake Their 'Groove' Thang On New LP"). Moreover, Davis thinks other heavy groups are overproducing their records, and that a raw, natural sound is better, adding that fans who didn't like Untouchables will dig the band's return to "heavy ass grooves." Also, the album will again feature bagpipes, a Korn element missing from Untouchables.

After the band finishes playing Ozzfest, Davis hopes to tour with Deftones, who were pioneers of the burgeoning nü-metal movement in the mid-'90s but who distanced themselves from the Family Values clan (Korn, Limp Bizkit, Staind) in order to pursue a more experimental direction. Deftones' long-awaited new album, simply titled Deftones, comes out May 20 (see "Deftones Brave The Elements To Shoot 'Minerva' Video" ).

While he seems interested in realigning himself with the Deftones, Limp Bizkit might not be on such good terms with Jonathan after they hear what he had to say about their new guitarist, Mike Davis. "He's no Wes," Jonathan said, referring to Bizkit's innovative axeman Wes Borland, who quit the band in October 2001 (see "Limp Bizkit Start Over On New LP With Guitarist Mike Smith").

In addition to working with Korn over the past six months, Davis has taken some time to write theme music for the new "Twilight Zone" TV show (see ""Korn Frontman Enters The 'Twilight Zone' ") and has acted as a crack dealer in the independent feel-good film "Seeing Other People," about a couple who decide they should each have a final fling two months before their wedding.