You Got A Problem With Eminem Dropping His Sweatpants?

Shady Limited clothing to be available in stores like Macy's, Marshall Fields.

P. Diddy has Sean John, Jay-Z has Roc-A-Wear and Nelly has Vokal ... and now hip-hop's other megastar, Eminem, is making his way onto the backs and caps of young fans everywhere.

The rapper will be debuting his Shady Limited clothing line this weekend with a collection of T-shirts and hats, followed by a more extensive line of jogging suits, pants and jackets later this summer. According to the line's spokesmodels and Em's "8 Mile" co-stars, Omar "Big O" Miller (Sol George) and Evan Jones (Cheddar Bob), all of the Shady Limited clothes had to pass the rapper's comfort requirement before getting the official Marshall Mathers stamp of approval. (Click for photos of the Shady clothing line.)

While Eminem fans are not guaranteed to get a leg up on their freestyle battles by sporting Shady Limited sweatpants, they will be able to buy gear inspired by Eminem's own outfit from this year's Grammy Awards ceremony. Also available will be sports jerseys as well as tops that will feature Eminem's likeness and his lovable in-your-face attitude, such as a hoodie that reads, "You Got a Problem?"

Shady Limited will be produced by Nesi Fashion Brands, which also makes Roc-A-Wear's junior women's line, and will be available in stores like Macy's, Marshall Fields and Burdines.