Madonna Web Site Hacked By File-Sharing Supporter briefly featured MP3s from the anti-piracy artist's newest LP.

Two can play this game.

After file-trading services were flooded last week with fake MP3s of Madonna asking, "What the f--- do you think you're doing?" (see "Madonna To Pirates: 'What the F--- Do You Think You're Doing?' "), a hacker posted downloads from American Life on the singer's Web site Saturday, along with a message of his or her own: "This is what the f--- I think I'm doing."

The hacked site was only up for a short time, but the Smoking Gun, a Web site known for unearthing documents on celebrities, has a snapshot of how appeared. The Smoking Gun said Madonna's Web site was down for several hours after the hack, although her spokesperson did not return a call for confirmation.

The Smoking Gun also said MP3s of every song from Madonna's new album were posted, although their snapshot does not show individual song titles.

What it does show is the message "Brought to you by the editors of Phrack," an Internet hacker magazine that does not "advocate, condone, nor participate in any sort of illicit behavior, but we will sit back and watch," according to its Web site. A Phrack representative told the Smoking Gun it had no connection with the hacker.

Also on the hacked was a derogatory reference to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a federal law aimed at cracking down on Internet piracy.

For more on Madonna's new album, released Tuesday, read John Norris' feature "Madonna: Her American Life."