Gwen Stefani Recording Solo Material

In addition to recording solo material, Stefani says she's also reading movie scripts.

She's just a girl in the world with some songs of her own.

While No Doubt take a breather, Gwen Stefani is recording solo material.

"I am not quite sure if it will become a full-blown solo project, singles for a soundtrack or just songs [like with Moby and Eve]," the singer said in a post on the band's Web site on Thursday. "I am just kind of letting it take me where it takes me and see what happens. It is all part of a process for me, sort of an extension of the challenge No Doubt gave ourselves on Rock Steady."

Stefani said she is collaborating with different people, but neither she nor her record label would be specific. However, the Matrix, the red-hot hitmakers behind Avril Lavigne's singles (see "Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne Fall Into The Matrix"), said they are on board, and Eve said she'd like to be.

"I haven't talked to her, but I would love to work with Gwen again," the rapper said recently. "She's fly, she's tight and she is talented. It's going to be hot regardless."

Along with working on music sans No Doubt, Stefani is reading scripts for a possible move to movies.

"Although I really haven't made a decision yet, if the right part were to come along I think I would try working in film," she said in her post. "I have always had a real love for making videos and the filmmaking No Doubt did. Who knows? I think it might be another challenging place to express myself creatively."

And as if that weren't enough, Gwen is going the way of P. Diddy, Outkast and other musicians-turned-designers (see "Gwen Stefani's Fabric Kingdom Starts With Handbags, Wallets").

"I have been working super hard on my L.A.M.B. clothing line," she said. "I think you will start to hear more about it and see it soon. It has been a total blast and a lot of work, but it has also been a real cool creative outlet."

So much for taking time off. "I figured I would just chill in London with my husband, but interesting things keep popping up," Stefani added.