50 Cent Says He And Jay-Z Will Unite Onstage, In The Studio

Lil' Mo reportedly will open on the tour, which Hova will headline.

Two of New York's superpowers are apparently coming together not only for a tour, but some collaborations in the studio as well. 50 Cent told MTV News on Monday that he and Jay-Z will be heading out on the road together, possibly starting in July.

"It's going to be off the hook," said 50, who's currently hitting smaller-sized venues on a string of dates with openers the Clipse. "That's when it really gets [to be a] tour ... when you start building sets and you start seeing things you don't see at the average club concert."

A spokesperson for Jay-Z could not confirm his participation in either the tour or the studio collaborations.

Despite 50's current status as the biggest record seller on the planet, he said it wasn't a battle of the egos with Jay when it came to deciding on who would be closing the shows.

"It's easy," 50 said. "I give him that pressure. Let Jay headline. He's got a string of records that have had their opportunity to have their moments. He can go on for a good 40 minutes with just the singles, so he should be headlining."

On Friday, Lil' Mo said that she had been tapped to open up on some of the tour's dates. In addition to the outings with Jay, 50 said he was looking forward to collaborating on some songs with Hova soon.

"We were going to do a remix for 'If I Can't' and it was going to be packaged with 'The New Breed' [DVD], but it was a whole bunch of miscommunication. [I] ended up doing the remix, but it was me and [Dr.] Dre. [Me and Jay-Z] are coming up with new ideas to make records together."

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