Korn To Shake Their 'Groove' Thang On New LP

Bassist Reggie "Fieldy" Arvizu will also release second LP by his hip-hop alter-ego, Fieldy's Dreams.

Keepin' it hard and heavy is cool and all, but Korn recently decided that it was time to get back in touch with their groove thang.

In an recent chat posted on Korn.com, vocalist Jonathan Davis suggested that the band's upcoming album will be a return to the surging, stomping menace of records like Follow the Leader.

"[Our last album], Untouchables, was great, but it was time for us to do a heavy groove album," he said. "This album is straight, raw and dirty. And it is very heavy."

The band has written over a dozen songs for the disc and is getting ready to enter the studio to record David Silveria's drum tracks, Davis said. Korn hope to have the album ready for release this summer when they'll be on tour with Ozzfest.

Korn will self-produce the record. Working song titles include, "No Jocks," "Head," "Booty" and "Co--."

If the new Korn disc comes out this summer, it will be the second album they will have released in just over a year; Untouchables was released June 11.

"We wanted to get back in the studio [right away] to do the album we wanted to do," Davis said. "This album is phat."

In addition to releasing a new LP, Korn will issue a DVD this year that will include footage of the current studio sessions.

Although the new songs will likely be angry and filled with attitude, in his spare time Davis is working to improve his own sense of well-being.

"[I'm] trying to be a better person and not be so depressed all the time," he said.

All of the new Korn recordings will be guarded like high-clearance military secrets in order to prevent them from spilling onto the Net. Untouchables wound up online more than two months before its scheduled release date (see "Shock Jocks Give New Korn LP Premature Premiere, Perturbing Label").

"We are not gonna let our sh-- get leaked again," Davis said tersely.

During the Web chat, Davis also confirmed that bassist Reggie "Fieldy" Arvizu will be releasing a second album by his hip-hop alter-ego Fieldy's Dreams.

"He is working on stuff in his spare time," Davis said. "[It should surface] maybe some time after the [Korn] album comes out. [It is] a lot [better than his first record.]"

Davis also weighed in on guitarist Head's decision to work with Limp Bizkit on their new album (see "Korn's Head, Weezer's Rivers Record For New Limp Bizkit Album") and take the stage with them at Wrestlemania XIX (see "Korn, Snot Guitarists To Play With Bizkit At Wrestlemania").

"It was cool," Davis said. "Head wanted to do something different so he helped Bizkit out. It was all good."