Saddam Hussein May Be Dead After U.S. Airstrike, Officials Say

U.S. airstrike destroys residential target where intelligence believes Saddam was meeting with military leaders, his sons.

A U.S. airstrike on Monday (April 7) destroyed a residential target where intelligence believes Saddam Hussein was meeting with military leaders, including his sons.

While they said it was highly likely everyone who was in the building was killed, military officials have not ruled out that the Iraqi president may have moved before four bombs struck.

A senior administration official told NBC News the information indicating Hussein's whereabouts was "extremely reliable."

The intelligence was passed to Central Command, which authorized an Air Force warplane to drop four 2,000-pound smart bombs known as "bunker busters" on the building. CNN reporters near the area described the target as completely destroyed.

Capturing or killing Saddam and his sons, Qusay and Uday, has been a major priority since Operation Iraqi Freedom began 20 days ago with an initial U.S. strike on the outskirts of Baghdad where members of Hussein's regime were believed to be meeting.

Since then, whether Hussein is still alive or not has been questioned by coalition forces who have analyzed taped broadcasts and have been unable to determine when they were made.

—Corey Moss

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