ODB Rejoins Society (Kind Of); Set To Drop New LPs, 'Ol' Dirty Drawers'

Rapper currently listening to beats, writing lyrics for next solo album, Brooklyn Zoo crew compilation.

After spending almost three years in an upstate New York prison for probation violation and drug charges, Ol' Dirty Bastard is one step closer to freedom. But first, he's making a slight detour on his path to mental rehabilitation. Sources close to the Wu-Tang Clan’s most eccentric member said that ODB is no longer in prison, having recently been transferred to a psychiatric hospital in the New York City area.

While Dirty’s co-manager Jared Weisfeld, who is working alongside ODB’s mother Cherry Jones, would not confirm that his client is in a psych hospital, he would say that the rapper was granted parole in February but is still a ward of the New York State criminal system. Weisfeld also refuted recently published tabloid reports that Dirty is mentally unstable and displaying symptoms of schizophrenia. “Dirty is not schizophrenic and he is not sedated,” Weisfeld said. “He is in great spirits, great health, and he can’t wait to get home and get on with his life.”

Among the former Big Baby Jesus’ immediate post-penitentiary plans is to get back into the studio. ODB is said to be listening to beats and writing lyrics for his next solo album, as well as a Brooklyn Zoo crew compilation. Dirty’s cousin and fellow Wu-Tang member, GZA, is also working on Dirty’s next project. "I think his next project is going to be the best by far from all the works he has done," GZA said. "Witty, hilarious, entertaining and absolutely raw. He has a lot to speak about.”

But in addition to getting stuff off his chest, Dirt Dog also has plans to put something on his chest, too. ODB will be launching his own urban clothing line called Dirt McGirt, along with a line of underwear called Ol’ Dirty Drawers. The line is due out in time for the back-to-school fall shopping season, further cementing the notion that Dirty is still “for the kids.”

One final Dirty note: When ODB is finally free to move around on his own, he will be shooting a reality show pilot for VHI, tentatively titled “On Parole With ODB.”