Ja Rule Calls 50 'Loose Change,' Disses 'Feminem' And Dr. Dre

Latest freestyle mixtape offering also targets Lil' Mo, Busta, Violator's Chris Lighty.

Rappers, singers, execs, kids — nobody's safe from the wrath of Ja Rule on his latest dis freestyle.

After hitting the streets last week with a freestyle aimed at Eminem, Rule has returned with a fresh set of salvos for the Shady/Aftermath team, Lil' Mo, Busta Rhymes and Violator management CEO Chris Lighty, among others.

Not surprisingly, Rule starts off lyrically laying the smack down on 50 Cent, referring to his foe as "loose change." 50's team of "peons" are then addressed.

"Gay Dre Young/ Suge told me you used to take transvestites home/ ... No wonder Feminem be cross-dressing in pumps and tight little dresses," Rule says about the dynamic duo of Dr. Dre and Eminem. "The rapper that sings and blings" even calls out singer Truth Hurts, saying he can't tell whether she's a man or woman.

Truth isn't the only songstress who gets caught in the Murder Inc. hailstorm of barbs. Lil' Mo, a former friend of the camp, is called a bitch, and Rule asks when she last had a hot song, answering himself with "never." (Mo had publicly accused the Inc. of being ungrateful for her contributions to songs such as "Put It on Me" and "I Cry.")

"No" is the answer to whether Murder Inc. had anything to do with the two shootings at the offices of Violator Management in recent weeks. Rule's rhymes imply that Chris Lighty and Busta Rhymes went to Russell Simmons with those accusations.

"They shootin'! Ah, Chris, you shook/ And got Bus rhyming the same old hook," Rule says over the beat to Nas' "Made You Look." The freestyle ends with Rule unfavorably foreshadowing the destiny of Eminem's daughter.

A source within the Murder Inc. camp said the track is just for the mixtape circuit and hinted that it may not be the last we hear of the Inc.'s ongoing musical feud with the Shady/Aftermath camp.

As for the Inc.'s in-store releases, Murder princess Ashanti is in the studio finishing her next LP. She's slated to drop in July and has already completed 15 songs for the project. Caddillac Tah is also ready to release his debut, Pov City Hustler. He shot the video for his first single, "I Got'cha Ma," in Los Angeles last week.

Meanwhile, Ja is still pushing his new video, "The Reign," which includes a dramatization of the federal investigation of the Inc.'s offices. A spokesperson for the FBI said Rule and company may have broken the law by using paraphernalia resembling that of the bureau's in the video without permission. Although the violation could be considered a misdemeanor offense, the FBI rep said they have no plans to take action.