Lil Jon Puts Down His Pimp Goblet To Smack Models With Pillows

ATL ambassador shoots video for 'Play No Games.'

Most of the of the time when you see hip-hop's king of crunk, Lil Jon, he'll have his pimp goblet either in his hand or in arm's reach. But the Atlanta party starter had to put his cup down while filming his latest video, "Play No Games." How else could he beat the models over the head?

"Basically, the video is like 'House Party' meets 'Animal House' meets 'School Daze,' " Jon said of the clip a few weeks ago. "We was doing some wild sh-- in the video. The craziest part was the pillow fight. We had the feathers going, they were flying everywhere. It was like a blizzard in the room. You'd inhale the feathers."

Although the pillow fight was the highlight, there were some other choice wild moments in the video — a game of strip poker with Fat Joe, women splashing in kiddie pools and grown men getting spanked on the butt with paddles.

"We was just wilding out," Jon said of the production, which also featured Trick Daddy. "It's more of a party song, so we made the video just us having a good time."

Another video that has Jon showcasing his gold fronts is the latest installment of his X-rated "Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz Worldwide Sex Tour." Although Jon said he is not engaging in any sexual activity, he does interact with several adult film stars in his DVDs.

"We got into it, my partners and I, because ..." Jon said before pondering his answer more carefully. "I guess they like a lot of porno, everybody likes sex. When September 11th hit, the porno industry was the only industry that stayed making money. It was amazing to be around porno stars, chilling and partying. It's a whole different game. That's their job, to have sex. When that camera came on, they was uninhibited."

Jon was hoping that Petey Pablo would be just as unabashed when the North Carolina MC laid his vocals on the three beats Jon made for Pablo's upcoming LP.

"I just got out the studio last night with Petey Pablo," Jon said. "I gave Petey some rowdy sh--. Some old 'Tear the Club Up,' 'Why You Step on My Shoes?,'  'I Don't Give a F---' type of sh--. He's going to record them today."

Jon also recently cut tracks for albums by 8Ball and MJG as well as Bow Wow.

"It was cool 'cause I've known him since he first came to So So Def," Jon said of working with Bow Wow. The two go way back — before we became accustomed to Jon and his shouts of "O-kaaayyy!" all across the radio, he was Jermaine Dupri's A&R rep at So So Def.

"I seen him before he had records," the ATL ambassador added about the teen rapper. "It felt funny finally being in the studio with him doing records 'cause I've known him so many years and seen him grow up. But it was cool, because he was writing his own stuff. He came in, instantly caught vibes on the track, wrote them and laid them down.

"One of the songs is called 'Momma,' an ode to his ma being there all through his life," he continued. "Then the other song is called 'When I Turn 18' and it's talking about all the stuff he's going to do when he turns 18."

For "Momma," Jon sampled Whodini's "Friends," and for "When I Turn 18," he used part of Force MD's' "Love Is a House."

The screaming microphone controller is still undecided as to whether or not he's going to follow up "Play No Games" with another clip, but with the love he's getting from DJs, Jon is not sure he really needs one.

"We got five singles banging in the club," he boasted. "That's rare for any rapper to have five singles [off one album] banging in the club and making people go crazy for it where they know all the words."