Bow Wow, Solange Going On 'Vacation' With Cedric, Vanessa Williams

'Johnson Family Vacation' flick said to be in spirit of Chevy Chase 'Vacation' franchise.

Forget the googly eyes they made at each other in the video for "Puppy Love." Bow Wow and Solange Knowles are teaming up once again, but this time the labelmates are playing the children of Cedric "The Entertainer" and singer-turned-actress Vanessa Williams in the upcoming flick "Johnson Family Vacation."

"She's the older sister and of course they don't get along," Solange's father Mathew Knowles said on Wednesday (April 2) about her onscreen interaction with Bow Wow. "They raise hell every day. It's a great role."

The movie is being compared to the Chevy Chase "Vacation" franchise, which became popular in the '80s. Those films centered around the many mishaps of the dim-witted Griswold family as they trekked around the world.

The Johnson family doesn't have much better luck as they travel across the country and get into trouble. The movie is still in production and slated to come out later this year.

"Part of the overall plan of her career is to merge music and the big screen," Knowles said of Solange's multitasking. "We're doing that with all our artists. Kelly [Rowland], hopefully within the next 30 days we'll be able to make an announcement of a movie she's doing this year. We're going to be making an announcement of a movie that Beyoncé is doing this year, and there is a play that Michelle [Williams] is doing this year. The whole climate of the music industry is such that you have to do more than music."

In two weeks Solange will be putting time into her first job. She's releasing "Crush," the second single from her debut LP, Solo Star, and shooting its accompanying video.

"The thing that Solange does really well is dance," Knowles said of his daughter's clip. "It's going to be more of a performance video showing her qualities as a vocalist and dancer."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Bow Wow said he's just about finished with his still-untitled next album. The rep said Jermaine Dupri had no involvement in the project, but would not divulge with whom Bow Wow will be collaborating on the album. It is still being determined which songs are going to make the LP.

In the recent weeks, however, Lil Jon has said that he did some production work on the record, and ATL MC Bone Crusher (see "Bone Crusher Serves 'Scared' Rap Competitors A Steaming Slice Of ATL") said he's been working in the studio with the teen titan as well.