Method Man Hopes To Team Up With ODB On New LP; Records Again With M.J.B.

Rapper also expects to team with Missy Elliott, Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige.

An artist with less juice would probably find the task of getting A-list rappers and producers to appear on his LP daunting, but Method Man, who is waiting to finally wrap production on his third solo LP, Tical 0: The Prequel, simply calls securing the services of the LP's last three artists "tying up some odds and ends."

In the next few weeks, Meth, who notes that he's 95 percent done with recording the latest Tical installment, plans to get Missy Elliott to record a hook, the soon-to-be-free Ol' Dirty Bastard to rap on a verse and über-producer Dr. Dre to give him a beat.

"I still wanna go in there and work harder with this dude," Meth said of working with Dre. The two originally linked up to record a possible title track for the upcoming "Bad Boys 2" soundtrack, but things didn't turn out as well as the lanky wordsmith would have liked.

"I don't know if it made [the cut] or not, I'm not too happy with the rhyme," Meth said of the soundtrack collaboration. "Dre was a kick to work with. He wanted me to try something new. I'm always up for a challenge. He wanted me to talk on beat, not actually rhyme, then rhyme, then talk and rhyme. I was confused for a few minutes. He's not exactly demanding, but he'll challenge you."

Some of the other producers Method Man has already finished tunes with for his album include Chicago's No I.D., fellow Wu-Tanger the RZA and P. Diddy, who did two songs. Meth said Puff's production style is little different than Dre's.

"Diddy will pop his head in every five minutes, man," Meth laughed. "[He] will pop his head in the door like, 'How we doing?' then he's out. Then he'd pop back in, I'd sit down and talk with him, [and] then he's out. He's a busy man. He lets an artist do him. He'll come [when the song is finished] and listen to it and be like, 'OK, go back in [the booth] and hit that like this.' "

Having Puffy for a buddy came in handy, especially since Method Man was itching to make history one more time with Mary J. Blige. During his and P.D.'s recording sessions in Miami earlier this year, Meth jumped on projects that were also being constructed in the same studio: Ginuwine's next album, The Senior, and Mary J.'s upcoming Love and Life, which Diddy is executive-producing (see "Mary J. Blige Teams Up With 50 Cent, P. Diddy To Discuss Love And Life").

"Finally, man," Meth said about making another song with Mary. Their first collaboration, 1995's remix to "All I Need," became a hip-hop classic, earning them a Grammy. For their new cut, they sampled the beat from A Tribe Called Quest's "Hot Sex on a Platter," but that's about all that the Wu-Tang swordsman would let out the bag.

"You don't know how long I've been waiting to do another joint with Mary," he said. "I don't know what was keeping us from rocking together since that first joint. Maybe it was the powers that be. I was game for it and every time I saw her she was game for it. I'm just glad it happened. It's a dope song. Mary rules."

And while Meth has long been considered a master of the mic, he's also hoping to soon rule the roost in Hollywood as well as in your living room. He's currently filming scenes for the HBO crime saga series, "The Wire," and Fox's high school-centered drama, "Boston Public" (see "Method Man: From Fronts To Furs").

And if you don't get enough of seeing Mr. Meth the Actor on your TV screens, all you have to do is turn on your Playstation 2. Meth is one of the many Def Jam artists, including Ludacris and DMX, who appear in the new video game "Vendetta," which hits stores Tuesday (see ""Battle DMX, Method Man And Redman In Def Jam Video Game").

"He's the type of dude you want to take with you in a cage match or a tables, ladder and chairs match," Meth described of his character. "Myself and Funkmaster Flex have the best characters in the game. Everybody I played so far I beat except for Josh, and he's one of the reps for EA sports."