Bowling For Soup Say Losing A Grammy Has Its Perks

Pop-punks land another film role, will appear on Vans Warped Tour.

SANTA MONICA, California — If you thought Britney Spears' big-screen debut was scary, wait until you see the next movie featuring Bowling for Soup.

The pop-punks, who played the prom band in "Crossroads," just shot a scene for the upcoming Wes Craven horror flick "Cursed" in which they perform Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs' "Little Red Riding Hood."

"We are doing a show out on the [Santa Monica] pier, playing that song, and the actress that's about to get killed is walking through the crowd and she's about to die," explained singer Jaret Reddick, who credited "this guy who works at Jive who is, like, the savior of all careers" for hooking up both movie appearances.

Not that Bowling for Soup's career needs saving. The band is a headlining act on this summer's Vans Warped Tour and the guys are still basking in the attention of their surprise Grammy nomination for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocal (see "Who The Hell Is The Grammy-Nominated Band Bowling For Soup?").

No Doubt won the award, but being nominated amongst elite like 'NSYNC and the Dave Matthews Band certainly garnered the group some exposure opportunities, including a performance on "Live With Regis and Kelly" on Wednesday.

"More than anything, you can equate a Grammy nomination to having a Super Bowl commercial about your band, 'cause your name is in a lot of places and in a lot of media that you know it's never been in before," Reddick said. "And we did actually get to show our parents that we are actually in a band and we're not male gigolos."

"I think the biggest thing that's changed since the Grammy nomination," added drummer Gary Wiseman, "is now my grandparents aren't urging me to go back to college."

And it's not like Bowling for Soup left empty-handed. Joan Rivers gave the bandmembers, who wore matching baby blue suits to the ceremony, her award for worst dressed.

"In that regard we were winners," Reddick joked.

"Plus, I realized through Joan Rivers' help that I have a weight problem," added portly guitarist Chris Burney with a wink. "She called me a fatso and it really hurt."

The nomination also led to other memorable moments for the funny foursome. The band's latest album is called Drunk Enough to Dance, and let's just say there was a lot of dancing going on that night.

"The Godsmack dudes were cool. They invited us out drinking at their bar," Wiseman said.

"That was really super cool, 'cause we were a little afraid 'cause we have the Godsmack reference in the 'Girl All the Bad Guys Want,' " Reddick added, referring to their Grammy-nominated single, which mocks angst rock.

Speaking of the band's breakthrough hit, even though the song was released last summer, Bowling for Soup are still promoting it and have yet to pick a second single.

"It's cool 'cause the song sort of had two lives," Reddick theorized. "It actually came out to rock radio and it did OK, and then it's sort of had this rebirth on top 40 radio. It's the punk-rock 'Who Let the Dogs Out?' ... We're doomed!"

Actually, Bowling for Soup are doing their best to not get stuck in one-hit-wonderland. This week the band is back in the studio recording more songs, including a cover of A Flock of Seagulls' "I Ran (So Far Away)," for either an EP or a deluxe edition Drunk Enough to Dance.

And on June 19 in Boise, Idaho, the group will join Rancid, AFI, the Used and others to kick off the Warped Tour, which wraps August 10 in Asbury Park, New Jersey (see "Warped Tour Dates Announced, 17 More Bands Added").

"It is something that we've wanted to do forever," Reddick said. "We do have to earn our keep, though. They are like, 'You guys aren't getting all this for nothing.' ... We have to wash all the other bands' buses."

"Naked," Burney clarified.

Let's hope Joan Rivers doesn't see that.

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