Mixtape Mondays: DJ Wats

Fabolous, Royce Da 5'9", Kanye West appear on the mixtape follow-up to Two Sides of a Coin: The Truth About 50 and Cradle to the Grave.

  • Name: DJ Wats

  • Mixtape: Heavy Income

  • Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

  • Joints to check for: "F--- Eminem & D12" by Royce Da 5'9", Kanye West freestyle, "Bacardi" by Fabolous, "Gutter" by German Luger

  • Previous Mixtapes: The Murder Inc. Mixtape: Two Sides of a Coin: The Truth About 50 and Cradle to the Grave

  • The 411: DJ Wats ends all the speculation about Royce Da 5'9" 's relationship with Eminem by adding Royce's dis freestyle to his playlist. The love is gone, at least on Royce's behalf. Em's one-time running mate jokes that Slim Shady wants to pinch Elton John's booty, compares D12 to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and foresees the crew getting beat up by B2K.

    Kanye West, who hosts the mixtape, continues to give the streets a sampling of what's to come of him as an MC with "Home." West incorporates his soulful sampling by using a continuous loop of a lady singing "home" as the backdrop of his narrative.

    "I met this girl when I was 3 years old/ What I loved most was she had so much soul," he rhymes, setting up a love story, using a female as a metaphor for his hometown of Chicago.

    Fellow MC newcomer German Luger, who is down with DJ Twinz (Lil' Kim, Redman, Memphis Bleek) and Rockwilder's Muzik Park production company, also gets his buzz going with "Gutter." Over the Twinz's sinister soundscape, Germ sarcastically scoffs, "I tried to tell these kids out here, they don't listen/ How you gonna try to tell crooks they can't cook in hell's kitchen?" before declaring that it is his destiny to be a great lyricist.

    Meanwhile, Fabolous brings the party flavor with "Bacardi." A Fab song wouldn't be complete without the BK native's punchlines, so he throws plenty of those on a bass-heavy track that sounds like it came from a square dance.

    Also new on the streets is a joint venture between current mixtape king DJ Kay Slay and an up-and-coming contender, Big Mike. Titled Racial Profiling (Slay is black, Mike is white), the CD features three new Jay-Z tunes — the remix to "Excuse Me Miss," "Stop" and MC Punjabi's "Beware of Boys," where Jay guest-stars. Also Black Rob pops up with "BR Part 2." A Shady Records posse cut with 50 Cent, Eminem, Lloyd Banks and Obie Trice titled "You Gonna Die One Day" makes its way onto the mixtape as well.

    In addition to Slay and Mike, the G-Unit crew also appear on DJ Clue's latest, Operation Desert Storm, via "True Loyalty." Nas and the Bravehearts' "Eat These Bullets," Jadakiss' "Dope Game" and Loon's "This Ain't Funny" are other selections on the CD.

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