Michael Moore Looking For Bush-Bin Laden Ties In Next Movie

Controversial filmmaker's 'Fahrenheit 911' has no release date yet.

His fiery Oscar speech sparked plenty of controversy, and now Michael Moore is turning up the heat. His next movie will examine the relationship between former President George Bush Sr. and the wealthy family of Osama bin Laden.

"Fahrenheit 911" will also look at the post-9/11 activities of the current Bush administration, Variety reports. After spending a year researching the project, Moore is reportedly seeking financing from actor Mel Gibson's Icon Productions. Moore's "Bowling for Columbine," named best documentary at last week's Academy Awards (see " 'Chicago' Dances Away With Six Oscars; Eminem's Will Be Mailed To Him"), was made for $3 million and has earned close to $40 million worldwide.

During his acceptance speech on Sunday, the writer/filmmaker voiced his opposition to the conflict in Iraq, even calling into question the legitimacy of the Bush presidency. Though he received a standing ovation as he approached the stage, his comments drew several loud boos.

"Don't report that there was a split decision in the hall because five loud people booed," he told reporters backstage. "Do your job and tell the truth. This is how not only this town feels, but the majority of Americans did not support us getting into this war. They're not for Bush's policies, they're not for drilling in Alaska — go down the whole damn list. The majority of Americans oppose what Bush stands for."

(Since the attack on Iraq began, polls show a majority of Americans now support the effort, though this has been interpreted by some as support for the troops as opposed to support for the policy.)

Moore said he was simply exercising his right to free speech at the Oscars when he said, among other things, that Bush has taken the country to war for "fictitious reasons."

"That Saddam Hussein is going to kill you or I tonight, that's the fiction," he explained. "The nonfiction is that we're over there because they've got the second largest supply of oil in the world."

There is currently no release date scheduled for "Fahrenheit 911."