50 Cent Looking To Sell His Life Story

Rapper asking for sum in high six figures for memoir.

50 Cent is making the rounds right now among New York publishers, trying to sell the rights to his life story — the working title of which is "Number One With Nine Bullets."

The 26-year-old rapper is asking for a sum in the high six figures for his memoir, according to publishers who've taken meetings with his agent. The book is to be written in collaboration with XXL magazine scribe Vanessa Satten.

According to Satten and 50's four-page proposal, the book would cover the rapper's dramatic life history, from his drug lord mother being gunned down when he was 8, to his own hustling past, to getting shot nine times, to hooking up with Dr. Dre and Eminem. The proposal says that his life would read "like a Donald Goines novel": "Murder. Drugs. The true thug life. Ghetto depression. Determination. Mad beats. Phat rap lyrics. All have found their way into the life of hip-hop's latest big thing."

In addition to 50's story, the proposal also promises to deliver the rapper's previously unpublished poetry as well as behind-the-scenes pictures. A minimum of 25 poems and lyrics would be shot directly from 50's rapbooks and scrapbooks. As for the photos, they would keep with the book's documentary feel.

The proposal estimates that the manuscript would be done by September in time for a holiday release.

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