Edward Furlong To Star In 'The Crow: Wicked Prayer'

'Terminator 2' actor working out to get in shape for latest role.

HOLLYWOOD — Edward Furlong shouldn't be too upset he wasn't asked to be in "Terminator 3," because now he's got an action franchise all his own.

Furlong will be wearing the white face paint and leather in the fourth installment of "The Crow" series.

"I think its going to be the best one," he said at last week's "Spun" premiere (see "Brittany Murphy, Christina Aguilera Turn Out For 'Spun' Premiere"), where he arrived sporting a tight-fitting vintage Led Zeppelin T-shirt and a cast on his left arm. "I have this cast right now, but I'm working out," he said, emphasizing his enthusiasm about getting in shape for the role by showing off his right bicep.

"It's so dumb. I tripped in the kitchen," he explained. "I was going to get something to drink out of the fridge." Future household accidents notwithstanding, Furlong said he'll start shooting "The Crow: Wicked Prayer" in a couple of months.

The first "Crow" film starred Brandon Lee, son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, as a rocker who returns from the dead to seek vengeance on a group of thugs. Lee was killed when a prop gun misfired on the set, but the movie was released in 1994 nevertheless. It was followed by two sequels, including 2000's "The Crow: Salvation" co-starring Kirsten Dunst ("Spider-Man"), and a short-lived TV series.

DMX was in talks to star in a fourth "Crow" movie as a gangster rapper who returns after being shot in a drive-by, but the project never materialized. This latest version reportedly centers on a new Crow who returns after being murdered by a group of bikers. "The story is, like, people taking peyote," Furlong said. "It's crazy."

Though he made a name for himself in films like "Terminator 2" and the weighty drama "American History X," Furlong said the appeal of doing "Wicked Prayer" is pretty simple. "I come in. I kill the bad guys. I'm the Crow. ... It's going to be dope!"

There is currently no release date scheduled for "The Crow: Wicked Prayer," which is being directed by Lance Mungia ("Six String Samurai").