Lil' Kim Forgives 50 Cent For Dissing Her Nose, Joins Him For 'Magic Stick'

Pair hooks up to record track after 50 insults the BK bad girl.

It's a beautiful fall day in 2002 and everything is love. Everybody is politicking and Brooklyn is definitely in the house. But for once, BK bad girl Lil' Kim is in the place to be and she's not the main attraction.

The Queen Bee, like her other industry peers, has traveled to Puerto Rico for the fifth annual Mix Show Power Summit. Such luminaries as the late icon DJ Jam Master Jay, Fat Joe, Keith Murray, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes and Redman have all made the trip to partake in the weekend's festivities, which include the premiere of "8 Mile" and the after-party where Kim is dancing with fervor.

She's extra hyped because two of her favorite MCs, Eminem and 50 Cent, are onstage with Obie Trice, filling a local club with their abrasive vocals. "There's a certain mystique when I speak, that you notice/ 'Cause it's sort of unique 'cause you know it's me," Em starts to rhyme, debuting the trio's "Love Me."

Things can't get better for Kim, who is looking on with a smile. She's reveling in the night, standing on a chair so she can get an eyeful as well as an earful as 50's part starts.

"I ain't gonna front, I thought R. Kelly was the sh--/ Let me find out he f---in' 'round with Bow Wow, bitch," 50 spits, getting wide-eyed looks from spectators who can't believe his audacity. "N---as eating popcorn, right, rewinding the tape/ Now shorty mama in precinct, hollering rape/ I'm convinced, man, something really wrong with these hoes/ I thought Lil' Kim was hot, 'til she start f---ing with her nose."

Hold up, wait a minute! The Queen Bee has just been dissed.

"Oh you muthaf---a!" she blurts out under her breath, shocked by 50's words. Meanwhile fellow rapstress Trina, who is standing next to her, seems to be equally insulted, speaking obscenities aloud as well.

The Queen Bee, however, has thick skin to go along with her stinger. Vowing to keep it moving, seconds later she regains her composure and continues partying.

"I still was dancing, 'cause I don't trip off of stuff like that," Kim said three weeks ago about 50's concert performance last year. Not only was she able to roll with the punches, she also found room in her heart to forgive. She squashed things with 50 a long time ago and the Southside Queens rap kingpin even made it onto Kim's first LP in three years, La Bella Mafia (see "Lil' Kim Fights To Earn Back Street Cred On Mafia LP").

"He did call me and was like, 'Yo, I wanna do a record with you so bad,' " Kim recalled of a phone conversation the two of them had a few months back. "He said, 'Yo, I got this record that I think you'd love.' I had to think about it."

Kim made her choice to absolve 50 after he apologized and the two went out to dinner.

"It took a man to call me and say, 'Yo, sometimes I be tripping. I be having, like, four personalities inside of me,' " Kim said. " 'I be coming out saying things I don't really mean, like what I said about you. Every time I see you, you've been nothing but nice to me.' "

Obviously, the pair wound up recording La Bella Mafia's "Magic Stick," but the song was originally supposed to be on 50's blockbuster Get Rich or Die Tryin' (see "50 Cent Slams Into Albums Charts With Record-Breaking Debut LP"). Schedules and logistics got in the way, however, and the rappers couldn't get together in time to meet the deadline for 50's February 6 release date.

"I was out of town, he was out of town," Kim explained. "We just couldn't hook up. So he said, 'You know what, ma? You keep it.' "

Despite the song not officially being a single, "Magic Stick" is already getting play on the radio and in the clubs. A spokesperson for Kim said it still has not been determined what the next release off La Bella Mafia is going to be. Another source in Kim's camp said that there have been discussions about adding a verse by none other than Eminem to a possible "Magic Stick" remix.

50 and Eminem were unavailable for comment.