Foo Fighters Get Pelted With Falling Appliances In 'Times Like These' Clip

Band shot video last month in a desert in Victorville, California.

It's hard to tell whether the Foo Fighters were making some Buddhist-like commentary about shedding earthly belongings to get in touch with one's true self or if they just wanted to smash a whole bunch of stuff.

The video for their new single, "Times Like These," depicts the band playing under a bridge with people successively walking up to it and throwing their material possessions over (see "Foo Fighters Approach 'Times Like These' Without Laughs").

"It starts with a little girl tossing a Gameboy and it goes through people discarding televisions, refrigerators [and] toys ... it all leads up to cars and things," said director Marc Klasfeld, who recently worked with Sum 41 on "Hell Song" (see "Sum 41 Get All Dolled Up For 'Hell Song' Video"). "It kind of has the same vibe as the Sum video. It's that 'we don't give a f--- attitude."

The band shot the video last month in a desert in Victorville, California. As opposed to "Hell Song," which was extremely low budget, "Times Like These" is a big-budget project laden with special effects. As the cars fall by the band, they explode in vibrant orange fireballs and at the end of the song, a crane drops a mobile home on the band, which splits open upon hitting the ground, framing the group underneath. For obvious reasons, filming was costly, time consuming and at times, frustrating.

"It was really an emotional shoot," Klasfeld said. "We were all trying to do a great job and it wasn't always the easiest thing in the world to film the kind of stuff we needed and make it look convincing."

The clip will begin airing in the next few weeks.