Backstreet's Back: Group Plotting Follow-Up To Black & Blue

Kevin Richardson says Boys looking for 'something new and fresh and explore.'

HOLLYWOOD — Now that Nick Carter has wrapped his solo tour and Kevin Richardson has finished his run on Broadway, the Backstreet Boys are finally ready to be Backstreet Boys again.

"We have a huge meeting tomorrow, all five of us sitting down, figuring out what the next move is as a group," Richardson said at Monday's premiere of the movie "Spun" (see "Brittany Murphy, Christina Aguilera Turn Out For 'Spun' Premiere"). "We're just going to get in the studio, start creating and see what happens."

While the group has previously expressed interest in working with producers ranging from Glen Ballard to Babyface (see "Backstreet Boys Seek Jermaine Dupri, Glen Ballard For Next LP"), Richardson suggested otherwise.

"We talked about a lot of different producers, but we don't want to do something or work with someone that everyone else is using," the singer said. "We want to find something new and fresh and explore."

Richardson said the group is anxious to record the follow-up to 2000's Black & Blue, but he insisted the Boys will be careful not to rush the project. Meanwhile, the musical star is hoping to take his stage success to the big screen.

"I had a blast [doing 'Chicago']," Richardson said. "It had been 11 years since I had acted and played a character, so I'm definitely reading scripts and looking for the right opportunity."

Richardson said he was taking in "Spun" because he's a fan of director Jonas Akerlund, known for his racy videos for Madonna, the Prodigy and Metallica. Plus, his wife is a colleague and friend of the Swedish native.

Strolling down the red carpet in between Jason Schwartzman and Christina Aguilera, Richardson took time with reporters to address the pending invasion of Iraq.

"Personally, I'm opposed to it," he said. "I don't think we should be going to war right now. We should explore other things a little further. It's a little frightening that the other countries in the United Nations aren't supporting us. I think they bring up valid points. I wish our troops safety."