Queen Latifah 'Brings Down' The Box Office

Bruce Willis' 'Tears of the Sun' debuts at #2 with $17.2 million.

Whether or not she wins an Oscar for "Chicago," Queen Latifah has already won another contest. Her new comedy, "Bringing Down the House," debuted with $31.7 million over the weekend, making it the #1 movie in America. (Click for photos from "Bringing Down the House.")

And speaking of "Chicago," the acclaimed musical in which the rapper/actor co-stars, the film continued its top-10 run, landing at #4 with a $6.9 million take, according to studio estimates. "Chicago" has made over $144.5 million in its 11 weeks of release.  

Bruce Willis' "Tears of the Sun," the only other widely released new picture besides Queen Latifah's big-screen match-up with Steve Martin (see "Queen Latifah, Bruce Willis Square Off In Theaters This Weekend"), debuted at #2 with $17.2 million. (Click for photos from "Tears of the Sun.")

Last weekend's #1 film, "Cradle 2 the Grave," fell all the way to #6 with $9.2 million. The DMX/ Jet Li action flick has made $27 million since debuting last week. Meanwhile, the midlife crisis comedy "Old School" slid down one spot to #3, taking in $9.2 million for a three-week $50.8 million total.

The rest of the weekend's top 10 includes "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" at #5 with $6.7 million ($86.9 million, five weeks); "Daredevil" at #7 with $5.1 million ($91.4 million, four weeks); "The Jungle Book 2" at #8 with $4.2 million ($39.5 million, four weeks); "Shanghai Knights" at #9 with $2.7 million ($54.7 million, five weeks); and "The Life of David Gale" at #10 with $2.1 million ($17.1 million, three weeks).