Finally, Someone's Paying Christina To Put Some Clothes On

Singer will appear in advertising campaign for designer Donatella Versace.

Though the status of their friendship has been the subject of much speculation over the past few years, Britney and Christina can still wear each other's clothes. Fashion mogul Donatella Versace has designed clothing inspired by Spears in the past, and her latest line is a nod to Aguilera.

Versace has even taken her admiration for Aguilera a step further, recruiting the sultry singer to star in an upcoming advertising campaign.

"I'm so happy and excited," Aguilera told MTV Europe on Tuesday in Milan, Italy, where she sat in the front row of Versace's fall/winter show, the same throne Britney held down at the spring/summer show last year.

Versace's new line featured several Aguilera trademarks, including underwear as outerwear, long-cut corsets and chaps.

"It's all about Christina," declared Versace, who could be Aguilera's mother with her smooth, tan skin and bleached blonde hair. "Christina has inspired me a lot in this collection. I just saw her in the leather pants and the bustier, the sexiness, the determination and the power of the girl. We know Christina."

Aguilera, who wore a dark pink Versace dress to the event, watched in awe as runway models premiered the line.

"I was sitting there with my stylist, going, 'I want that one and that one and that one,' " Aguilera said. "I was absolutely amazed. I thought the collection was beautiful ... the dresses and the corsets into the gowns. I could totally see myself wearing that."

Versace said the Aguilera advertising campaign is still in the development stages but that the singer, who has actually been frequently chastised by fashion critics for her grungy attire, will be hands-on in the planning.

"It's going to be fantastic," Versace said. "I know for sure because Christina and myself will sit down and talk about the concept. We're down to hear her opinion because she's so talented."

Aguilera will get the chance to showcase some of her latest threads this summer on the Justified and Stripped Tour (see "Justin Timberlake/ Christina Aguilera Tour Dates Announced").

In the meantime, the singer is finalizing the concept for her "Fighter" video with director Floria Sigismondi, best known for Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People."

"I think ['Fighter'] is the perfect comeback off of a song like 'Beautiful,'" Aguilera said. "I gave you a totally different side from 'Dirrty' to 'Beautiful,' and now this will come back with a little bit of aggression, and I think it's very self-empowering for any female and I'll be working with a female director, so I'm very, very excited."