Brittany Murphy To Be Snoopy In Upcoming Film

Actress' next role involves poking through her boyfriend's Palm Pilot for info on his exes.

It looks like somebody's "8 Mile" journey with Eminem paid off, and co-starring in a huge hit comedy probably didn't hurt, either.

The irrepressibly energetic Brittany Murphy will reportedly earn close to $4 million to star in "Little Black Book" as a daytime television producer whose life is altered when she goes poking through her boyfriend's Palm Pilot for information on his ex-girlfriends.

Murphy's deal for the romantic comedy makes it her biggest payday. By comparison, the 25-year-old actress reportedly received just over $1 million to star in the forthcoming "Molly Gunn" ("Brittany Murphy's Multiple Personalities Caught On Tape").

Murphy was last seen, alongside Ashton Kutcher ("That '70s Show"), in the honeymoon-gone-wrong comedy "Just Married," which topped the box office on its opening weekend (see " 'Just Married' Knocks Down 'Two Towers' "). She'll turn up next as a meth-addicted stripper from Vegas in the indie flick "Spun," which co-stars Jason Schwartzman ("Rushmore"), John Leguizamo ("Summer of Sam"), Mena Suvari ("American Beauty"), Mickey Rourke ("9 1/2 Weeks") and Blondie's Deborah Harry. The movie also features original music by former Smashing Pumpkins leader and current Zwan frontman Billy Corgan.

"Spun" is the feature film debut of music video director Jonas Akerlund, the man responsible for Metallica's stripper-centric "Turn the Page" clip, Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful," Madonna's controversial "American Life" (see "Madonna Defends Her Violent 'American Life' Video") and the Prodigy's similarly headline-generating "Smack My Bitch Up." The movie opens in limited release later this month. "Molly Gunn" won't arrive until August, while "Little Black Book" begins production this summer.