Nikki Sixx Book Covers Girls, Girls, Girls And Drugs, Drugs, Drugs

Bassist's 'Heroin Diaries' collects journal his entries from Christmas 1986 to 1987.

Rock fans who enjoyed toasting the holidays with Kurt Cobain's "Journals" and the book's tales of decadence, self-loathing and rampant drug abuse might want to reserve a spot on this year's Christmas list for "The Heroin Diaries," a book of journal entries by Mötley Crüe bassist and songwriter Nikki Sixx.

"It starts on Christmas morning 1986 with me sitting in front of a Christmas tree alone, shooting up heroin," Sixx said of the heartwarming page-turner that he hopes to have out by year's end. "I'm sitting there thinking, 'I've done sold-out stadiums. I'm all over MTV. I'm in one of the hugest new bands there is, and I'm alone on Christmas morning with no decorations and no presents. Just me and my needle.' "

The rest of the book chronicles the next year of Sixx's life, focusing on raucous concerts, copious drug use, lust-crazed groupies, excessive drug use, rowdy tour buses, death-defying drug use, rock and roll antics, and, of course, gratuitous drug use.

"Basically it ends where it began," Sixx said. "It was three days after I'd had a [near-]fatal heroin overdose, and I'm sitting there in front of the Christmas tree again doing the same thing I was doing the year before, and I think I really had a revelation at that moment that I had to stop. It was a real pinnacle moment in my life."

Although "The Heroin Diaries" candidly addresses the use of hard drugs amidst a backdrop of girls, girls, girls and rock and roll fantasies, Sixx insists it never glamorizes addiction.

"If you read this book, you will never do drugs," he said. "Sh--ting your pants and throwing up all over yourself, and the detox, and the psychosis, and a lot of the other stuff in this book is just not glamorous."

As much as he discourages intravenous drug use these days, Sixx said he doesn't regret a moment of his life, and he's convinced that surviving addiction made him stronger and more resilient.

"Going through all of that is sort of like being tortured," he said. "You can be hung by a chain and tortured, and you think you're gonna die at that moment, but if you survive it there's very little anybody can ever do to you to hurt you. That's kind of how my mentality is. I've experienced the worst, so nothing you put in front of me is gonna break me. And it's made me a very positive person."

In addition to "The Heroin Diaries," Sixx continues to lay the groundwork for converting the best-selling Mötley Crüe biography "The Dirt" into a motion picture. The film's production company recently hired Rich Wilkes ("XXX," "Airheads") to write the screenplay, and Sixx met with jackass Johnny Knoxville, who wants to play Sixx in the film.

"I think he'd fit the part quite well," Sixx said. "I didn't at the beginning. We were sitting next to each other and I was like, 'What the f---?' He had Poindexter glasses on with duct tape around one side, and he was scratching his ass the whole time. His hair was short, but it was a mess and he looked like a psycho version of Tom Cruise crossed with Elvis Costello. I was like, 'I don't get it. Why does this guy want to play me?' "

His question was answered as soon as he and Knoxville stepped outside. "He walked over and started pi--ing on one of the executive's tires. Right away I went, 'All right, I get it. I'm sold.' "

Sixx said he thinks "The Dirt" will come out next year and that he hopes it'll be accompanied by a Mötley Crüe reunion tour.

"It's gotta be the full band," he said. "I'm not gonna put together a half-assed version. I just know that when all four of us are onstage something magical happens. If everybody wants to experience that magic one last time behind the movie, I think that would be great."