Eminem Losing Himself In The Studio With 50 Cent, D12

Rapper looks to be tied up with Shady business for a while.

No wonder Eminem has only one major U.S. concert planned for 2003 — his studio schedule doesn't leave him any time to hit the stage.

Although Marshall Mathers' next solo album isn't due until the top of '04, he'll have plenty to keep him occupied in the interim. Em's been living in the lab for the past few months, making sure his Shady Records empire stays on top.

According to sources within his camp, Slim laid a good amount of the soundscapes for Obie Trice's spring debut and will soon be handing over the reins to Dr. Dre and Timbaland as that project, which also features Rockwilder beats, closes out.

Once production on Obie's LP is completed, Em will jump headfirst into D12's sophomore effort, due this summer. The plan is for Slim Shady to produce most of the tracks and put in time in the vocal booth as well.

Of course, Em will also be keeping an eye on Shady Records' latest phenomenon, 50 Cent. The Southside Jamaica, Queens, rapper isn't letting a couple of million records sold satiate his hunger. He's already got plans to follow up Get Rich or Die Tryin' with another record in November. Taking a cue from his boss, 50 will also be overseeing the crafting of one of his own artists on his own label. G-Unit member Lloyd Banks' debut, due in August, will drop on the Interscope-distributed G-Unit Records.

Not to be left out of the mix, Em's DJ and mixtape master Green Lantern, who's signed to Shady Records as well, is putting together a compilation album. No guests have been named, but according to the Shady camp, anybody who performs on the album will have to keep their tunes in tune with a special Green Lantern theme.

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