Cold Pair Up With Weezer Frontman For 'Stupid Girl,' Battle Giant Spiders

The band's third album, Year of the Spider, comes out April 29.

After nearly three years stewing in their acerbic juices, Cold are getting ready to re-emerge with an updated sound and an unusual collaboration.

The band started a club tour on March 3, and "Stupid Girl," the first single from its third album, Year of the Spider, hits radio March 18. Frontman Scooter Ward started working on the atypically melodic song last year and really dug the main riff he came up with. The only problem was it sounded a whole lot like a Weezer tune. Rather than scrap it, he called up his friend/Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo and asked him to lend a hand. (Click for photos from the video shoot.)

Cuomo wrote the chorus and the vocals for the track, which is flush with grunge dynamics, hooky guitar squiggles and harmony-filled vocals. Originally the two singers planned to trade off vocals, but after Cuomo heard Ward's tracks he decided the song was best served by limiting his vocal contribution to the pre-chorus.

Although this is the first time Cold and Weezer have collaborated with each other musically, the groups toured together briefly in the fall of 2001 before splitting due to an unfavorable response from fans (see "Iced Out By Weezer Fans, Cold Go Their Own Way").

Cold shot a video for the poppy song last month with director Marc Webb, who filmed the clip for their 2000 song "Just Got Wicked" and has also worked with 3 Doors Down, Good Charlotte and Disturbed. Cold hoped the video would feature shots of them playing on a frozen lake filled with frolicking fans, but their label was worried about the potential for injury, so they substituted a schoolyard for the icy lake.

The band chose Webb because they loved the work he did for "Just Got Wicked," and they liked his hands-off approach even more.

"He's an awesome guy, [and] really easy to work with," Ward said. "We can just throw ideas at him, and he doesn't stray too far from that path that we came up with."

Old-school fans who vibed more with the band's heavier material might feel like killing Cold. Now they can. In the group's upcoming Xbox game designed by American McGee ("Alice," "Doom," "Quake"), the goal is to hunt down Cold and take them out.

"You have this spider that you control and you go out into the city and try to find the band and kill [it]," Ward said. "At the end, [you find out] the spider is actually controlling the kids that are playing the game. They think they've got the spider but they don't."

The game is scheduled for release in early fall.

Year of the Spider comes out April 29.