Johnny Knoxville Signs On For Comedy Flick 'Hating Her'

Movie also stars Bridget Moynahan, Selma Blair, Donald Sutherland.

Johnny Knoxville wants his family to stop acting like jackasses to Bridget Moynahan. Or at least that's the gist of the "Jackass" star's next project.

Knoxville has agreed to star in the comedy "Hating Her" as a guy whose family can't stand the new girlfriend he's brought home for the holidays. Things get even trickier after the scorned gal calls in her sister (Selma Blair) for emotional support.

They'll be joined in "Hating Her" by Donald Sutherland ("The Dirty Dozen") and Maura Tierney ("Insomnia"). Thomas Bezucha ("Big Eden"), who wrote the script, will direct.

In December Knoxville finished work on the indie flick "Grand Theft Parsons," in which he stars as the road manager of late country legend Gram Parsons, who snatched the singer's corpse in an attempt to honor a pact between them (see "Johnny Knoxville At Home With Guerilla-Filmmaking Style Of His Latest Flick").

Blair, who was last seen alongside Jason Lee ("Mallrats") and Julia Stiles ("Save the Last Dance") in "A Guy Thing" (see "Selma Blair, Julia Stiles, Jason Lee Make Love Triangle In 'A Guy Thing' "), will also be a part of the comic-book flick "Hellboy."

"Hating Her" is set to begin production next month.