X Gives It To Moviegoers, Lands At #1 With 'Cradle 2 The Grave'

'Old School' holds on to #2, while 'Daredevil' drops to #3.

He's no stranger to topping the Billboard 200, but right now it's the box office where DMX is king. "Cradle 2 the Grave" took on "Daredevil" and "Old School" over the weekend and triumphed as America's #1 movie.

"Cradle 2 the Grave," which reunites DMX with "Romeo Must Die" co-star Jet Li (click for photos from the movie), took in $17.1 million and knocked "Daredevil" from the top spot. "Daredevil" had been #1 since its February 14 release, but this time the Marvel Comics superhero flick landed at #3 with $11 million. Aided by the dual star power of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner ("Alias"), "Daredevil" has made $84.1 million, spurring talk of sequels (see "Jennifer Garner Talks 'Daredevil' Spinoff Movie For Elektra").

The #2 spot belongs to "Old School," the midlife-crisis frat comedy starring Luke Wilson ("Legally Blonde"), Vince Vaughn ("Swingers") and Will Ferrell ("Saturday Night Live"), for a second week. "Old School" has made $37.2 million in the past two weeks, and $13.9 million of that was over the weekend. (Click for photos from the movie.)

According to studio estimates, the rest of the weekend's top 10 includes "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" at #4 with $10.1 million ($77.5 million over four weeks); "Chicago" at #5 with $8.1 million ($105.1 million, 10 weeks); "The Jungle Book 2" at #6 with $6.8 million ($33.6 million, three weeks); "Shanghai Knights" at #7 with $4.8 million ($50.7 million, four weeks); "The Life of David Gale" at #8 with $4.3 million ($13.4 million, two weeks); "Gods and Generals" at #9 with $2.7 million ($8.7 million, two weeks); and "The Recruit" at #10 with $2.6 million ($48 million, five weeks).