Eminem Robber Caught; Thief Crabby About Shady Comparison

Turns out he's a heavy metal fan.

The "Eminem" bank robber show has come to an end. After 11 heists, the Marshall Mathers look-alike robber was nabbed following his latest job thanks to a hip-hop-flavored sartorial sense and some eagle-eyed police work.

Belleville, New Jersey's Michael R. Hasuga, 44, dressed in his easy-to-spot

getup of a wool hat and reversible down jacket, was captured by a police

officer staking out the Valley National Bank in Belleville on Thursday


"There were banks being held up all over the area and we hadn't been hit yet,

so we had additional units out there paying attention," said Belleville

Police Department Captain Frank Mano, who said the robber had been pulling

jobs every 10 days to two weeks, with the previous one occurring on February 18 (see "Eminem Look-Alike Wanted In 11 Bank Robberies").

Hasuga, who made the FBI's Most Wanted List for what authorities believe is a

string of 11 bank jobs in the New Jersey area, was captured after handing

a note to a bank teller demanding money. In what Mano said was an unusual

move, Hasuga took the time during most of the jobs to ask for his note back.

Mano said a detective saw Hasuga remove his wool stocking cap and replace it

with a baseball cap and reverse his jacket after exiting the bank Thursday

morning, which raised suspicion. When a bank alarm came through a minute

later, the detective approached Hasuga, who said, "You got me," and

surrendered, holding $1,500 in his pocket.

"He'd been taking between $1,000 and $3,000 each time to feed his $150-a-day

drug habit," Mano said.

During interrogation, Hasuga said he was upset that he'd been tagged the "Eminem robber," as he is more of a heavy metal fan and dislikes hip-hop. "He's facing 12 federal charges of bank robbery, so he's facing some serious time," Mano said. "Eminem will be a

grandfather by the time he gets out."

Mano credited the "Eminem" bandit description of Hasuga as helping to raise

awareness of the crimes among the public and police. "It puts more publicity

on him so he stood out more in the public eye," Mano said. "Of course, he

walked into the bank that had his wanted poster displayed right on the front


Hasuga was handed over to the FBI and will be arraigned on Friday (February 28) on federal bank robbery charges.