Good Charlotte Duck Blonde Barbies, Seek To Moonlight As Producers, A&R Guys

Video directors Smith N' Borin will helm 'Girls and Boys' clip.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, California — Growing up in the small town of Waldorf, Maryland, Good Charlotte perceived big-city women as money-hungry and phony. When fame sent them to Los Angeles, they realized those kind of people really did exist.

"We ain't mad at it, it's just funny," guitarist Benji Madden said.

And when something's funny, Good Charlotte write a song about it. So goes the story of "Girls and Boys," the band's next single.

"It's a commentary on superficiality between girls and boys, women and men," Madden explained at a press conference on Tuesday (see "New Found Glory, Good Charlotte To Roll Out On Civic Tour"). " 'Girls don't like boys, they like cars and money/ Boys will laugh at girls when they're not funny.' That says it all. That's the chorus. We see that a lot."

Good Charlotte will expand on the subject in the video for the song, which they plan to shoot next week during a tour of Australia and New Zealand.

"We didn't want to do the typical fast cars, money and girls [thing] 'cause you expect that," guitarist Billy Martin said. "It's gonna be cool, but it's going to have a nice twist on it."

"If we have these big boob, blonde Barbies in our video — the girls we wouldn't go out with — our fans would be like, 'Blah!' " Madden added. "The girls we go out with are different — not that they're not hot."

Smith N' Borin, the duo behind Good Charlotte's "The Anthem" and clips for Simple Plan and Bowling for Soup, will helm the "Girls and Boys" video.

"We met them on the Warped Tour," Madden said. "They're our age, so it's cool to work with young people."

Along with continuous touring — the Civic Tour kicks off March 8 in Grand Forks, North Dakota — Good Charlotte are developing projects outside of music. Martin is expanding his Level 27 clothing line, while Benji and his twin brother, Joel, are launching a record label with Goldfinger singer John Feldmann.

"It should be up and going by the summer," Benji said. "Right now we're just narrowing down the first band we really want to get behind. There are so many good bands out there — it seems rock has really come around in the last few years."

Like Feldmann, who has produced albums for the Used and Mest, Benji and Martin are interested in working with other bands in the studio as well.

"Me and Billy talk about it all the time," Benji said. "There's a band from Connecticut called Throne and we want to work with them. They're like Silverchair or Helmet."

"When you find a band you really like and they're not signed, you think, 'I might actually be able to help them out,' [and] it's cool we can do that," Martin said. "Between the label and us wanting to work with other bands, we'll do a bunch of stuff like that."