Chevelle Frontman Fiends To Record Again, Recalls His Stint As 'Batman'

Band's 'Send the Pain Below' video, directed by Robert Hales, expected soon.

One typical afternoon at Ozzfest last summer, as Chevelle's Pete Loeffler watched Jack Osbourne and Rob Zombie stage a demolition derby with golf carts, the singer/guitarist felt a brush on his shoulder.

"Sam was sitting next to me, so I was like, 'Dude, why are you touching me?' " Loeffler recalled, referring to his brother and drummer. "I turn and he is 15 feet away. So I pull my shirt and there is this bat on it. I go, 'Ahhh!' I screamed and the thing shrieks at me. I'm not kidding, it shrieked at me! Then it flew into this minivan and I heard it go, 'whack,' and [then] it just took off. I was like, 'How amazing was that? We are at Ozzfest and a bat lands on my shirt.' "

"You should have bit it," Joe, Pete's other brother and bassist, advised, referencing the infamous act by Ozzfest's namesake. "You ran like a little girl."

Pete admits to having done just that, but he may have a chance to redeem himself because Chevelle will join Ozzy's mischievous traveling summer camp for another year (see "Ozzy, Korn, Marilyn Manson Tapped For Ozzfest"). The Chicago trio will be the first act on the main stage, after playing the second stage last year. "It feels like graduating," Pete said.

Chevelle plan to work their "Daredevil" soundtrack cut, "Until You're Reformed," into their set, and possibly a new song or two.

Pete has been writing with an acoustic guitar on his tour bus and is already anxious to return to a recording studio.

"We've got five or six songs for the next record already sort of in the can, and we are excited to play new music, 'cause we've played all these songs 700 times in the last year," he said at the Osbournes' mansion (see "Osbournes Shrug Off Ozzfest Competition, Korn Insults"). "You get tight with music off your record but you definitely want to branch out and get new ideas. And you want to express yourself in another way."

The group may have to hold off on recording its new album, however, as it is booked through the summer on tours to promote last year's Wonder What's Next. Currently headlining a tour that will go through early March, the band will then perform on Disturbed's Music as a Weapon Tour beginning March 6 (see "Disturbed Poised For New Attack With Music As A Weapon 2 Tour").

The band's second single, "Send the Pain Below," was released last month, while a video directed by Robert Hales (Kid Rock, the Donnas) is expected soon.