Ice Cube Armed With Windex And A Whistle In Next Film Role

Janitor-turns-coach flick 'Willie' part of new deal with Revolution Studios.

We're all familiar with Cube the rapper, Cube the barber and even Cube the slayer of giant anacondas. But is the world ready for Ice Cube the junior high janitor?

That's what he'll be playing in "Willie," one of a handful of movies he's set to produce and star in through a new deal with Revolution Studios. Ice Cube's Cube Vision company, which includes partner Matt Alvarez, has inked a multipicture deal for a minimum of three movies.

Cube and Alvarez will executive produce "Willie," which will see Cube as a junior high custodian who gets the chance to coach the school's basketball team. Everything goes smoothly until the school district learns he lacks teaching credentials or even a high school diploma.

The deal also includes plans for an action flick called "Clash," in which Cube will star as an ex-con who sets out to find the men who murdered his family and nearly killed him in the process. Another film, "Are We There Yet?," is about a bachelor who takes some kids on a road trip to meet their divorced mother, whom he's dating.

Outside of the new deal, the rapper/actor/director/producer has plenty of other projects on his plate. He's in negotiations to star in a sequel to "Barbershop," last year's surprise box-office smash, which earned criticism from the Rev. Jesse Jackson for a couple of its jokes (see "'Barbershop' Attacked By Reverend Jesse Jackson"). He'll also turn up in the "Fast and the Furious"-style biker flick "Torque" this fall (see "Ice Cube Switching From Barber To Biker For Next Flick").

On the music front, Cube's next album will be released via former N.W.A. partner Dr. Dre's Aftermath imprint (see "Dr. Dre To Produce Next Ice Cube Record").

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