Swizz Beatz Claims He's Cooking Music 'Crack' In Studio, Develops New Artists

Producer working to recruit R&B star Keith Sweat, Big Tigger of "Rap City."

Even though Swizz Beatz has his hands full with the four new artists on his J Records subsidiary, recently helped score such movies as "Biker Boyz," "Bad Boys 2" and "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle," and just finished working on Lil' Kim's new album, the 24-year-old maestro's biggest gripe is the lack of work he's getting from his Ruff Ryder family.

Swizz claims he's been playing a smaller role on Eve's projects since her 1999 debut. He also says that he only did two tracks on the new LOX album, even after producing most of their 2000 LP, We Are the Streets, which reached #2 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. To make matters worse, Swizz is not sure if he's going to get a chance to work on DMX's next solo LP.

"I got love for X. It's gonna take more than this music industry for me to not be cool with X. [But] y'all already know what the album is gonna be without Swizz," he continued. "X knows nobody makes better records than me and [him]."

The Ruff Ryders aside, with the track he just finished for Lil' Kim and the projects he's working on for Usher, Angie Stone and R. Kelly, nobody is shedding any tears for Swizz, especially Clive Davis. The legendary executive is distributing the producer's imprint, Full Surface. On deck for Swizz is Philadelphia punchline throwers Cassidy, jagged-voiced Atlanta MC Yung Wun, reggae icon Bounty Killer and sultry soul singer Mashonda, who's crooned hooks for Jay-Z, Eve and Lil' Kim.

"The artists are more in my court," Swizz said of his company. "I got the steering wheel, and that's something I never really had. As far as my label, it's also hard, like, being a poster on the wall and people throwing darts at you. Some of them you gotta just bite, some of them you enjoy taking."

Even though Full Surface sent out a press release a couple of weeks ago announcing Swizz's new artist lineup, he has not finalized deals to bring Keith Sweat and Big Tigger from "Rap City: Tha Bassment" to the label. He is, however, still trying to woo them.

"It's up in the works," Swizz said. "I had a sick idea. Big Tigger, like how Roc-A-Fella has their Clue, I wanted to do a Live From the Bassment album. As far as the Keith Sweat situation, people are like, 'Damn, why is Swizz trying to sign Keith Sweat?' What y'all think I'm gonna [do], put out the old Keith Sweat? I was gonna have R. Kelly write some sh-- for him. I was gonna get him the best R&B beats. We was gonna flip his look a little bit in the gym. But you know, people say you're only as good as your last hit. They can't really see the vision. I don’t expect them to see the vision, but I'm'a still keep it moving. It still could happen."

For now, Swizz has to be content with building a dynasty with the talent he's already inked.

"I'm in the lab cooking up crack," Swizz discloses of his priorities. "They can't f--- with you when your beats are hot, your outside work is hot, your label is hot [and] you're scoring films. Now you're something to pay attention to. Now you're a problem."