Houston, We've Got Pandemonium: IMX Frontman, B2K To Launch Tour In June

R&B upstart Mario may come aboard Pandemonium Tour as well.

Kiddies, you've only got a few more months to rest your lungs before you'll be expected to start shrieking fanatically again. This is because IMX's frontman, Marques Houston, has announced he and swoon-inducing quartet B2K are hitting the road beginning in June.

"It's called the Pandemonium/ Scream Tour 3," Houston, better known to the fans as Batman, said on Wednesday. "['Scream 2'] was an excellent tour. That was one of the best tours of the last couple of years. I was just happy to be a part of it. Where do we go from there? We'll do it bigger."

So far, the only Scream veteran not scheduled to return is Bow Wow, who headlined the last two Scream tours. Instead Houston indicated that R&B youngster Mario might "possibly come on the tour as well."

While Houston's plans for his onstage venture with B2K are being finalized, contracts are being inked for an onscreen collaboration between the two factions for a film called "Dance." He likens it to a new millennium version of the '80s classic, "Breakin.' "

"I don't know what [my character's] name is, but he's a serious guy," the 21-year-old explained. "He loves dancing, and he takes it really, really seriously. My character is the opposite of Omarion — [he's] kind of like Turbo and Ozone [from Breakin']. I'm the more serious, older brother type, and he's more the guy worrying about the ladies and how he dresses."

Houston, who is Omarion's real-life older brother as well as J-Boog's cousin, recently stepped outside of his other musical family, IMX, to make his solo album MH. The first single from the April 15 release will be "That Girl."

"I mean, it was kind of exciting to be onstage for the first time by myself," Houston said of shooting the video, currently in heavy television rotation. "[But] I was kinda nervous not having my boys right on the side, [which is] something I'm not used to."

However since Houston sings lead in IMX, recording the LP wasn't too much of a leap.

"The boys were still there rooting me on and supporting me," the singer explained. "Where it was different was when I had to work with other producers. It was a lot of fun because I got to put a lot of my ideas into it and write a lot of the album.

"My personal favorite on the album is 'Alone,' " Houston, who penned seven of his album's songs, continued. "That's a situation that I went through, breaking up with a girl. It was a rough relationship for me so I wrote about it. I [also] love 'Walk Away.' I like my voice on that song. I'm singing real strong, 'Has anybody ever told you that your eyes shine like pearls?/ Has anybody ever told you that you're one special girl?' "

Houston says that even though he's putting out a solo LP, he definitely plans to record again soon with IMX. In addition to the group's singing roles, they are also part of the production collective Platinum Status, which helmed most of the beats for B2K's last two albums.