Big Primpin': How Nelly, Ashanti, Fat Joe Chose Their Grammys Outfits

We got the scoop on their threads straight from their stylists.

Who says members of the hip-hop community don't like to get gussied up? Well, a lot of people do, and rightfully so — but for the Grammy Awards some of your favorite performers plan on getting cleaner than a bucket full of chitterlings when they stroll on the red carpet. There are a couple of folks, however, who say they're going to keep it gully as usual on Sunday.

And just like every MC who gets on the mic needs a hype producer to help make them sound good in the studio, they also need a cutting-edge stylist to keep them looking good on TV. A few people who pull clothes for your favs told us the stories behind the outfits you'll soon be ogling.


  • Outfit: A powder pink mink farmer jacket with matching Timberland boots and headband.

  • Cost: $5,000

  • Getting in gear: We've seen Killa Cam in pink velour suits, fitted hats, earmuffs and Air Force Ones, so his latest garbs should be no surprise. It took almost a month to put this furry ensemble together. A mink coat had to first be wet, then stretched. After it was dyed the color of bubble gum, the process had to be repeated. It was then cut and the scraps were used to make the headband and cover the sides and the tops of his Timbs.
  • Stylist's recollections: "Only Cam could wear it," says Monica Morrow, who is also getting clothes together for Grammy nominees AZ and Petey Pablo. "I couldn't see anybody else in this outfit, it would look ridiculous. He's daring to do something nobody else is willing to do. [Pink] has been a color that has been associated with not being masculine. Anybody that knows Cam knows he's masculine. Plus it's a Harlem thing. They are uninhibited [there]."
  • Potential overkill: Seems like the head of the Diplomats has a little bit more mink to spare. Monica says they may use the pieces to put on his jeans.


  • Outfit: For the red carpet, Murder Inc.'s second main moneymaker will be wearing an hourglass-shaped red, black and gold dress with spaghetti straps by Roberto Cavalli. For her performance, Ashanti will be wearing a neutral colored bustier with rhinestones all over it.

  • Cost: Free — they are showroom samples to be returned.
  • Getting in gear: Although Ashanti's stylist, Rosie Mitchell, makes many of the singer's sexy outfits, they opted to go with clothes from outside the camp. The problem was that Rosie is very picky. She spent a month going through a myriad of clothes at 10 different designers' showrooms in New York before getting dresses flown from Italy. Now that's amore.
  • Stylist's recollections: "When it comes to the outfit," says Rosie, "we talk about it and I tell her what I want her to wear. We have a fitting and see what works out. An artist can't wear something that somebody else already wore. I get stuff that's not in stores. Sometimes it doesn't come out until six months later. Sometimes it doesn't come out at all."
  • Game time decision: Why of course, what shoes to wear. Ashanti has so many, she doesn't yet know what to place on those petite feet.

The Clipse

  • Outfit: It's not etched in stone, but place your bets on Malice and Pusha T to rock jeans, Timberlands and icey white tees.

  • Cost: Around $500 apiece.

  • Getting in gear: The Virginia duo have to hit the mall and risk getting mobbed by fans.
  • Stylist's recollections: "We get our own sh--; we don't have no stylists," says Malice.
  • It's all in the wrist (and neck): No wonder the tenacious tandem don't plan on spending too much on the clothes — their jewelry cost enough to buy a car. Put your shades on when you see the brothers sporting their new rose gold ice, courtesy of Jacob the Jeweler.

Fat Joe

  • Outfit: A full-length black cashmere wool overcoat with a black mink collar by 5001 Flavors. Underneath, a black cashmere wool suit with pink pinstripes, also by 5001 Flavors, with a pink dress shirt and a black-and-pink tie. Black dress shoes by Prada.

  • Cost: Like the picture on his latest album, Loyalty, the Don ain't talking much. But please believe his bill was in excess of $10,000.
  • Getting in gear: It took Joe's stylist, Troy Johnson, about a week to hit between 15 and 20 fabric stores to find material. Once that was taken care of, it took about a week for a tailor to make the suit.
  • Stylist's recollections: "[Joe] was like, 'Yo, I'm nominated for the Grammys, I got to go in there and I got to kill them. I got to let them know I belong at the Grammys. I've got to look the best I've ever looked,' " Troy remembers.
  • Assassinating accessory: If they don't drop dead when they see Joe in his pink pinstripes, he's sure to make a few eyes pop up when he walks the red carpet with his lovely wife, who'll be wearing a diamond-studded mink coat that fits like a bathrobe. That's keeping it gangstaaa!


  • Outfit: A custom suit by a top secret designer.

  • Cost: If you have to ask, you can't afford it. And as the king of Nellyville, this multiplatinum dirty probably has enough cheese to spend on a golden suit of armor if he wanted to.
  • Getting in gear: Nelly's gear was no hassle. He chose a designer, and in less than a week he and the St. Lunatics all had new threads.
  • Stylist's recollections: "This is the first time he'll wear a suit at a major event. He was real excited this year," says Nell's sister, Jackie, who also handles the duties of making sure he stays so fresh and so clean. "He don't wear the Gucci and Versace because they don't fit him well, they're too tight. He got a custom-made suit to fit baggy."
  • Thinking on his feet: Nelly must have been listening to Jay-Z's new jam, "Excuse Me Miss," because not only is he leaving the Vokal at home, but for one night he's turning his back on Air Force Ones. Yes, the gold-toothed rapper will be sprinkling pimp juice all over when he dons a pair of hard bottoms, or as the Jiggaman calls them, "Scooby-Doos."

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