'8 Mile' Outtakes Coming Sooner Than You Think

Some of the outtakes will be aired by MTV during the Grammy pre-show Sunday night.

No matter how big of a Tinsletown commodity Eminem the Actor becomes, his fans know that he'll never be so 'Hollywood' that he'll forget his hip-hop battle roots. The Detroit flamethrower pays tribute to his auspicious rap beginnings in the added extras for the soon-to-be released "8 Mile" DVD.

The DVD, due March 18, contains several scenes that weren't included in the movie. One of them shows Em battling four freestyle contest winners in front of a crowd at the Motor City's club Shelter during the film's last day of shooting (" '8 Mile' DVD Features Rap Battles Between Eminem And Movie Extras").

"Like Mike Tyse/ I'm quite nice on fight nights," one of the competitors says onstage before pointing to Slim Shady. "Why he poppin' sh--/ I thought he liked life?"

The battle scene concept was developed after director Curtis Hanson decided he might want to use the riff footage as part of a silent montage in the film. (Click for photos from "8 Mile.") Since Em was losing his voice and his words weren't going to be heard anyway, this literally worked out, and he asked the MC to mimic his portion of the battle. But when have you known Marshall Mathers to play by the rules: especially with an antsy crowd egging him on? Further along in the scenes, viewers will get to witness Marshall jumping headfirst into the lyrical fray.

"Let me turn my mic on/ Don't think for a minute I'm gonna let you get away with that song," Slim flows nonchalantly, spitting words from off the top of his head. "That sh-- was wack, you ain't spittin'/ As a matter of fact, all that sh-- was written."

In addition to the wars of words, the "8 Mile" DVD also features interviews with Em, behind-the-scenes footage, deleted acting scenes and the video for "Superman," which you can't see anywhere else.

Now for all of you Slim Shady fanatics who can't wait until March 18 to see what bonuses the "8 Mile" DVD has to offer, MTV News will be debuting some of the material during the Grammy Awards pre-show. You can catch that program Sunday night at 7 p.m.