Eminem Look-Alike Wanted In 11 Bank Robberies

Unidentified male has been added to FBI's most wanted list.

A stickup man police have dubbed the "Eminem Bank Robber" struck again on Tuesday in New Jersey, pulling what officials suspect is his 11th heist since October.

The unidentified white male, who favors ski caps and baggy, reversible Carthart jackets, bares a resemblance to the rapper but has not attempted to pass himself off as Slim Shady, according to an FBI spokesperson.

"He doesn't say he's Eminem, but one of the local detectives said he looks like him, ... and having an identifying marker like that sometimes helps the investigation," said Stephen Kodak, a special agent with the New Jersey FBI office.

Kodak said the robber — who hit the Valley National Bank in Kearney, New Jersey, on Tuesday and escaped with an undisclosed sum of money — is described as thin, approximately 6 feet tall, in his 30s, with green or blue eyes.

He is wanted in 10 other robberies in the area and has made the FBI's most wanted list. The bandit has typically worn large wool ski caps with Yankees logos on them and has demanded money from tellers after saying he has a gun, which he has not brandished in any of the robberies, Kodak said.

According to the FBI, the robber tends to favor Monday, Thursday and Saturday mornings for his heists and is considered armed and dangerous. The FBI has posted photos of the bandit and is asking anyone with information to call (973) 792-3000.