Ice Cube Responds To Samuel L. Jackson, Jesse Jackson

Rapper takes on their comments with Westside Connection track 'Lights Out.'

If you crossed "Boyz N the Hood" with the "Star Wars" prequels, who would win in a battle between Doughboy and Mace Windu?

Though there are already plenty of reasons we'll probably never see that scenario pan out, Westside Connection just added a new one in the form of the song "Lights Out." In it, frontman Ice Cube responds to reports that Samuel L. Jackson made disparaging comments about rappers trying to become actors.

"You can tell Samuel L. I'm'a keep acting," Cube defiantly raps over producer Damizza's spacey funk track.

Cube has never been one to bite his tongue. On "Lights Out" he also likens himself to a young Osama, says MCs should bow down to him as if he were Yoda and levies shots at yet another Jackson — the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

The activist, along with the Rev. Al Sharpton, publicly complained about a scene in Cube's film "Barbershop" in which a character makes light of Rosa Parks' contribution to the civil rights movement. The two called for the scene to be deleted from the movie.

"You can even tell that muthaf---in' Jesse Jackson/ Pay your child support/ Keep your payments up/ Put a rubber on," Cube spits later in the verse, poking fun at Jackson, who last year admitted to fathering a child out of wedlock. Meanwhile, Cube's partners, Mack 10 and WC, keep names out of their lyrics and focus on tales of rough riding through the badlands of Cali.

"Lights Out" is part of the Ghetto, Gutta and Gangster compilation due in May as a joint venture from Mack 10's Hoo Bangin' record company and Damizza's Baby Ree label. On the solo tip, Cube has been in the studio working on tracks provided by Dr. Dre. A deal to bring Cube to Dre's Aftermath label has been all but finalized, according to both rappers.

Though a spokesperson for Samuel L. Jackson could not be reached for comment, Jesse Jackson's publicist responded to the song with a statement reading: "We are in America, and thank God we're in a country where we have an option to speak our opinions. It's unfortunate that [Ice Cube] chooses to use that freedom in a negative fashion and to have disparaging remarks versus a man who has fought for civil rights in this country for almost 40 years."