Colin Farrell Not Worried About Competition From Leo DiCaprio

'Recruit' actor says he'll do his Alexander the Great film even if Leo makes similar movie.

Colin Farrell couldn't care less what Leonardo DiCaprio's doing. He's ready to star in Oliver Stone's "Alexander" whether Leo's "Alexander the Great" flick happens or not.

"If it happens with Stone, I'm there, regardless of the other one," the Irish actor said.

Director Baz Luhrmann ("Moulin Rouge") has long labored to get "Alexander the Great" off the ground with DiCaprio in the conqueror's saddle, while Stone ("JFK") is working on a similar project called simply "Alexander" (see "Leo DiCaprio, Colin Farrell — Same Role, Different Movies"). Both are scheduled to begin production later this year. Luhrmann's story reportedly focuses more on the bisexual Macedonian warrior's personal life, while Stone's will deal with a conspiracy theory surrounding his death, among other things.

"There seems to be this race going on," acknowledged Farrell, who recently topped the box office with "The Recruit" (see "Colin Farrell Recruits Enough Moviegoers To Top Box Office") and co-stars in this week's "Daredevil." "But that's all for the other heads and the people that are involved in it on a different creative level and the business people to sort out."

Currently busy shooting "S.W.A.T." alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Farrell said he has yet to officially join the "Alexander" cast but has screen-tested for Stone. "I would love to do it, man. I'm not up on my business affairs. I am just kind of focusing on what I am doing at the moment. But I'd love to work with Stone. I'd love to do that 'Alexander' piece that he wrote, [it's] just a beautiful f---ing script."

Alexander the Great conquered most of the known world 2,300 years ago. The fact that playing a historical figure of such magnitude would require a great deal of preparation isn't lost on Farrell. "If it happens, I will [do the research]," he promised. "There is a lot of work to do if that happens."

Stone hopes to get moving on "Alexander" in June. Luhrmann, who previously worked with DiCaprio on "Romeo + Juliet," plans to begin shooting his project toward the end of the year. A spokesperson for DiCaprio recently described the "Gangs of New York" actor as "very interested" in taking the part.