Aguilera, Clinton Watch As Stones Try To Clear The Air

Benefit show also draws Cameron Diaz, Luke Wilson, Lisa Kudrow, Mira Sorvino.

LOS ANGELES — Cameron Diaz didn't need the free hybrid car ride offered to Christina Aguilera, Luke Wilson, Lisa Kudrow, Mira Sorvino, former president Bill Clinton and the other celebrities who attended a Rolling Stones benefit show Thursday to fight global warming.

That's because she already owns a hybrid of her own.

"It was something that I was looking for, some way to do my part," the "Charlie's Angels" actress said of her Toyota Prius, which runs on an environmentally friendly combination of gas and electric power. "I drive around L.A. all day long, and I wanted something that wasn't going to just guzzle up gas. And it was just important for me to find something that worked like that. So I found the Prius and just took it right home.

"A lot of people try to find ways to come talk to me, an excuse to strike up a conversation," she added, laughing. "But when it's about the Prius, they come up [and] they're talking about the Prius. They wanna know. People are really interested and excited about it."

Decked out in a Rolling Stones baseball cap and matching wristband, Aguilera skipped the hybrid ride given by the Natural Resources Defense Council, who sponsored the show, opting to arrive at the Staples Center in a limousine. Nevertheless, she said she shares the NRDC and the Stones' concern about global warming.

"I think it's an important cause to support. And just being here and doing all that I can in my position, having the voice to say something and speak up about it is important to me," she said. "So I'm here supporting the band and supporting [raising awareness of] global warming, and the whole thing. It's all good."

During his introduction of the band, Clinton joked, "I'm here because the Stones aren't term-limited and they're just as old as I am." In his five-minute speech he honored the crew of the space shuttle Columbia, pointing out that space missions have as much to do with monitoring the Earth's environment as they do exploration.

Clinton added that if the current rate of global warming continues, a large part of Manhattan could be submerged in water within 20 years. He also commended Californians for using less energy than Americans in other states.

The Rolling Stones took the stage with "Start Me Up," getting most of the 18,000 people in attendance on their feet, and continued with another 19 songs, sticking mostly to the hits.

The North American leg of the Stones' Licks World Tour will conclude Saturday in Las Vegas. After that, the band is off to Sydney, Australia, to kick off the next leg on February 18.

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