Rob Zombie Prepping New LP, Movie; Builds ‘Brick House’ With Lionel Richie

Zombie puts off ‘Ed Wood’-like script, continues work on song for ‘Matrix.’

Rob Zombie remains the hardest working ghoul in show business. In addition to appearing with the remaining members of Drowning Pool on a song ("The Man Without Fear") off the just-released "Daredevil" soundtrack, Zombie is prepping his next studio album as well as a movie.

"I was writing a script and then someone sent me [one] that I really like. I’m meeting with people soon to see if I can get the job to direct that movie," said Zombie, who said he would not describe the unsolicited manuscript until he signed on the dotted line. Though he was halfway through what he described as an "Ed Wood-type" script that was inspired by horror movies, the singer has put that one aside, for now. "[The script I was sent is] not a horror movie, but it revolved in that world. Horror fans would enjoy it," he said.

Between finishing work on the long in-process Ramones tribute album, We’re a Happy Family (February 11) (see "Garbage Give Ramones Electro Sheen While Manson Moans, Marches") and trying to finish his still-untitled song for the "The Matrix: Reloaded" soundtrack, Zombie is looking for a sliver of time to think about the follow-up to 2001's The Sinister Urge.

"I haven't had time to settle down and think about a new record, but there's probably songs [left over from the last album]," Zombie said, speculating that a new album could be out by year's end or early 2004.

Meanwhile, his directorial debut, "House of 1,000 Corpses," is (finally) slated to hit theaters (April 11), along with a soundtrack (March 25) that features five fresh Zombie compositions, as well as a host of creepy sound clips from the movie and a duet with an unlikely pal on an old-school funk song.

"The movie is set in 1977, so one night I was sitting around with my manager and joking that we should redo [the Commodores’] 'Brick House' and get Lionel Richie," Zombie said.

His manager did one better. He got the mustachioed ex-Commodores singer and raunchy rapper Trina to hook up with Zombie for the truly bizarre, definitely funky "Brick House 2003." The song mixes Zombie's sinister growl with Richie's smooth vocals, grinding beats, bleating horns and Trina's sex-obsessed rap on a track that somehow makes it all work.

"Could you think of a more ridiculous pair of people?" Zombie said. "I had to do it. He's a super cool guy. I knew him before we did it. It's hilarious conceptually, but then it's hilarious that it works. It's so absurd."

Like the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"-inspired film — which tells the tale of two lost couples stranded in a house with a murder-obsessed family (see "Rob Zombie Finds Resting Place For His 'Corpses' ") — the soundtrack is a trip to the darker side, mixing snippets of ominous hillbilly dialogue with grim horror movie rock from Zombie.

The title track sounds like the theme song to a demented haunted house, what with Zombie whispering the supernatural lyrics over a chorus of spooky, ghostly voices. Other new songs include the classic-sounding Zombie rockers "Everybody Scream" and "Pu--- Liquor," as well as the Tom Waits-like boogieman burlesque grinder "Little Piggy." Also included on the soundtrack to the film — for which Zombie wrote the score — are songs by the Ramones, Buck Owens and Slim Whitman ("Rob Zombie Swears ‘Corpses’ Will Drop; Soundtrack To Include Slim Whitman").

House of 1,000 Corpses track list, according to a label spokesperson:

  • Rob Zombie - "House of 1,000 Corpses"

  • Rob Zombie - "Everybody Scream"

  • Buck Owens - "Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass"

  • Rob Zombie - "Run Rabbit Run"

  • Helen Kane - "I Wanna be Loved by You"

  • Rob Zombie - "Pussy Liquor"

  • Ramones - "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue"

  • Slim Whitman - "I Remember You"

  • Rob Zombie - Little Piggy"

  • Rob Zombie (featuring Lionel Richie & Trina) - "Brick House 2003"

  • "Howdy Folks" *

  • "Saddle up the Mule" *

  • "Stuck in the Mud" *

  • "Holy Miss Moley" *

  • "Into the Pit" *

  • "Something for You Men" *

  • "Scarecrow Attack" *

  • "My Baby Boy" *

  • "Investigation and the Smokehouse" *

  • "The Bigger the Cushion" *

  • "Drive out the Rabbit" *

  • "Mary's Escape" *

  • "Ain't the Only Thing Tasty" *

  • "Dr. Satan" *

  • "To the House" *

* indicates score