News Flash: Teenage Fanclub Postpone U.S. Tour

Scottish-rockers Teenage Fanclub have postponed their U.S. tour to continue to serve as the opening act for current rock sensations Radiohead who are playing around Europe, according to a spokesperson for their label, Columbia Records.

The band, which is on the road promoting their fifth LP, Songs from Northern Britain, was supposed to kick off the tour in San Francisco, Calif., and end 11 dates later in Atlanta, Ga.

Teenage Fanclub will be promoting the album in Europe by playing arena-sized shows with Radiohead, a band with whom they were touring in the U.S. when Songs from Northern Britain came out in July, said the spokesperson. "Since they were touring the States when the album came out, they haven't really had a chance to promote the album over there."

The band hopes to reschedule the dates in the new year. -- Randy Reiss [Wed., Oct. 8, 1997, 4:30 p.m. PDT]