Mixtape Mondays: Cuban Link

Former Terror Squad member sends Broken Chains to the streets.

  • Name: Cuban Link

  • Mixtape: Broken Chains

  • Hometown: Bronx, New York

  • Joints to check for: "Welcome to CLK," "Hey Momma," "Toe 2 Toe"

  • Previous mixtapes: None

  • The 411: "It's mostly the best of Cuban Link," Cuban said of his CD. "Let the streets know. You gotta flood the streets. They ain't hear from me in a while. There's been a lot of rumors. A lot of dirt that was getting put on my name."

    Before Cuban left Fat Joe's Terror Squad a couple of years ago, it seemed like Big Pun's master plan was being fulfilled. Cuban, who was brought into the Squad by Pun, was poised to follow in the footsteps of his girthy rhyme brethren and drop his solo LP, 24K.

    But due to bootlegging and what Cuban alleges to be project mismanagement on the part of Joe's Terror Squad Records and Atlantic Records, Cuban's album was never released.

    "I didn't have no help from Joe, who was supposed to be my voice in this joint venture," Cuban said. "It was lack of work and ethics. Lack of professionalism that went on when my album was supposed to drop.

    "It was some good times," Cuban continued of his tenure under Joe. "Times we gave each other hugs and real love. But [overall] the personal side with me and Joe wasn't clicking. He was on another level that didn't include me."

    Cuban stepped to Joe and asked for and was granted his release from the label. But he said that after leaving the TS he felt blackballed by the industry.

    "A lot of people shied away from the situations as far as getting my deal after the situation with Fat Joe," he said. "They chose not to deal with me. I never got my fair chance to put my mark out there like I should have."

    Furthering the tension between Joe and Cuban, CLK got his face slashed during a brawl at Jimmy's Bronx Cafe in the spring of 2001 during an album release party for Angie Martinez. Cuban says he was trying to break up a fight between Joe and rapper Sunkiss when the fat gangsta turned on him.

    "Next thing you know he turns around and snuffs me, a so-called brother," Cuban lamented, thinking back. "I had 10 years in the game with him. 'What's this?' So I get back up and it was over. All the memories we had was gone from my body. I rock his jaw, he wobbles backwards and security started holding me. Then somebody came from the back with [a blade] and rocked me. Then security threw me out. It was disgusting."

    In the wake of the incident, Joe publicly denied having anything to do Cuban's face being slashed and nowadays doesn't want to speak about his former friend at all.

    "He's old news," Joe said a few weeks ago in New York. "I did everything I could do for him. I'm past that. He's been trying to get a record deal for two years. There's nothing I can do for him."

    Cuban throws several salvos at his one-time mentor and the rest of the Terror Squad (except female lyricist Remi Martin, whom he says is the "realest n---a in the crew") on some of his new material on Broken Chains. He also revisits a few of the tracks off of 24K that were leaked, such as the ode to his mother, "Hey Momma," and his musical homage to those he lost on "Flowers From the Dead," which served as a tribute for Pun.

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