CIA Agents, 'Biker Boyz' And Death Threaten Moviegoers

'The Recruit,' 'Final Destination 2' among films opening on Friday.

Colin Farrell is living a young actor's dream, having already worked with Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck by age 26. Now he's starring with Al Pacino in "The Recruit," which hits theaters this week alongside "Biker Boyz" and "Final Destination 2."

"It's all happened very fast in three years," said the Irish actor, who took Britney Spears as his date to "The Recruit" premiere earlier this week. "I got an agent through doing work at home [in] television. I did a bit of theater and I did a film as well at home. And through that one film I did, I got an agent in Los Angeles. He brought me over for three weeks of meetings, and I didn't get jack sh-- out of that. I went home, got cast by [director] Joel Schumacher in 'Tigerland,' and I haven't stopped since." (Click for photos from "The Recruit.")

After "Tigerland" came scene-stealing roles in "Hart's War," last year's "Minority Report" and the upcoming Ben Affleck superhero flick "Daredevil." In "The Recruit," Pacino plays mentor to Farrell's CIA trainee character. "We all grew up watching [Pacino's] movies and loving his work," Farrell said. "And the next thing you know, you're on a set with him and you're watching him do it. Doing what you've watched him do for years, but watching it up close and personal. He was cool with me. I adored him. He's just brilliant.

"You know the way they say you shouldn't meet your idols?" he added. "You know, sometimes that is the case, but not this time. He was incredible."

Kid Rock has his biggest film role yet in "Biker Boyz," (click for photos) a "Fast and the Furious"-style action picture set in the world of underground motorcycle racing, and he's sporting Farrell-sized awe about seeing himself onscreen with Laurence Fishburne (see "Kid Rock Chomping Donuts, Learning From Laurence Fishburne On 'Biker Boyz' Set").

"You kinda watch it and go, 'What the hell is Kid Rock doing in there?' " he joked about seeing himself next to the "Matrix" actor. "It's cool to ask him questions and get some insight. ... I got thrown out of drama in high school. It's kinda cool to have that input and that teaching from an 'elder,' so to speak."

Ali Larter is the only "elder" cast member returning from the original horror hit in "Final Destination 2," which intertwines the first movie's plot with a new group of kids trying to beat impending death (click for photos).

All three films will go up against "Darkness Falls," last weekend's top draw (see "Tooth Fairy Knocks Teeth Out Of 'Kangaroo Jack' ").

— Ryan J. Downey, with additional reporting by Nick Zano