Matt Damon Working With The Usual Suspects On New Projects

Actor in flicks with Ben, Casey Affleck, reuniting with Steven Soderbergh, Kevin Smith.

Matt Damon may have played an amnesiac in "The Bourne Identity," but in real life he's not forgetting anybody. He reunited with his "Good Will Hunting" pals for "Gerry," paid a visit to the set of Ben Affleck's "Jersey Girl" for a cameo and plans to work with Steven Soderbergh, who directed him in "Ocean's 11." There's even a good chance he'll return as Jason Bourne.

A box-office smash culled from one of three novels about a fictitious spy, last year's "The Bourne Identity" established Damon as a viable action star (see "Will Matt Damon's 'Bourne' Be The Next Bond?"). "I never signed up for the second one when I signed up for the first one," Damon said earlier this week. "But I'd do it if they had a good script.

"I want to make [a sequel] if we all set out thinking we can definitely make it better than the first," he continued. "I'd say that's the only reason to make it. I wouldn't do it just to kind of milk the cash cow. If we could really pull it off and make it good, I'd do it, definitely."

It's not unusual for the "Good Will Hunting" star to think like both an actor and a writer. Damon shares an Oscar with Ben Affleck for writing "Good Will Hunting," which was directed by Gus Van Sant and also starred Ben's brother, Casey. Casey, Damon and Van Sant reunited to make an experimental film called "Gerry" that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last year and will hit theaters this month.

Matt hung out with Ben a couple of months ago on the set of Kevin Smith's "Jersey Girl," a romantic comedy starring Affleck and his fiancée, Jennifer Lopez (see "J.Lo In Talks To Star With Ben Affleck In Kevin Smith Film").

"It's not a cameo like 'Jay and Silent Bob [Strike Back]' big laugher cameo," Damon said of his moment onscreen in "Jersey Girl," which is scheduled for a summer release. "Kevin likes to keep his family of people that he works with around. Jason Lee and I have the cameo. We're in a scene with Ben. Just like a really quick scene.

"It's really different," he continued. "Kevin claims he's going to lose all of his fans with this movie. It's a really kind of unabashedly romantic, really beautiful movie."

As for his reunion with Soderbergh, Damon has agreed to star in "The Informant," based on a book by a New York Times investigative reporter who went undercover for a large corporation and exposed a financial scandal. The movie will begin production sometime after Soderbergh finishes "Ocean's 12." The sequel to the 2001 ensemble heist movie "Ocean's 11" should get moving in March 2004.