Lil' Kim Hanging With Gotti — The Real Gotti

In Queen Bee's video for 'Came Back for You,' daughter of deceased crime boss John Gotti makes guest appearance.

Lil' Kim has gone from her old crew, Junior M.A.F.I.A., to naming her new album La Bella Mafia to hanging out with family of the real Mafia.

In the Queen Bee's new video for "Came Back for You," Victoria Gotti, daughter of deceased crime boss John Gotti, makes a guest appearance, according to the rapper's spokesperson ("Shout out to my girl Victoria Gotti and the whole Gotti family, stay up," Kim says at the beginning of the song). 

The clip was shot by J. Jesses Smith in New York last weekend and also features cameos from Faint, Vee, Reeks and Bunkee, all new artists on Kim's label, Queen Bee Records.

Fans of Kim's ludicrously lovable fashion sense won't be disappointed by the video, as the self-proclaimed black Erica Kane sports a green hairdo in part of the performance-heavy clip to match one of the sets. Other eye-popping outfits include a hooded gray-and-black chinchilla fur with matching bikini and boots.

The "Came Back for You" clip is meant to generate buzz and is geared primarily toward the streets; a more high-budget video, for "The Jump Off," will go into production at the end of this week. No director for that video has been announced.

Along with fellow MC Ludacris, Kim will star in the cartoon comedy "Lil' Pimp," due in theaters in October (see "Ludacris, Lil' Kim To Star In Animated 'Pimp' Movie").