The Rock Wrestles With Decision Of Which Movie To Make Next

Wrestler-turned-actor has at least six new projects to choose from.

He's squared off against swordsmen, mummies, wrestlers and even Seann William Scott, but it looks like The Rock's biggest opponent could be his datebook. Five studios are hoping to nab "The Scorpion King" star before his next flick is even out.

The Rock's big-screen pairing with Scott ("American Pie"), tentatively titled "Helldorado," is due in September (see "The Rock, Seann William Scott Team Up In 'Crappy' Movie"). After that, the actor/wrestler born Dwayne Johnson has at least six projects to choose between.

MGM recently offered him the lead role in a remake of 1973's "Walking Tall," a flick about a Southern sheriff named Buford Pusser who dishes out justice with a 2-by-4. If The Rock signs on for the new version, which could reportedly go into production as soon as this summer, his Buford would be a military vet instead of a cop, though he'd still wield a 2-by-4.

Meanwhile, Universal, the studio bankrolling "Helldorado," wants him to star in "Spy Hunter." Warner Bros. is pulling together a flick called "Johnny Bravo" with The Rock in mind, and there's "Walk Like a Dragon" at Paramount and two projects at Sony Pictures: "Skip Tracer" and "King Kamehameha," in which he'd play a Hawaiian king.