'Kangaroo Jack' Hops Over Box-Office Competition

'Just Married', 'National Security' take a back seat to Jerry O'Connell's 'Kangaroo Jack.'

Brittany Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio and the hobbits of Middle Earth have something strange in common. They've all been jacked by a rapping marsupial.

"Kangaroo Jack" dominated the box office over the weekend, with the Jerry O'Connell kid-flick scoring a $17.6 million debut that bumped last week's chart-topper "Just Married" (see " 'Just Married' Knocks Down 'Two Towers' ") down to #3. "Just Married" took in $12.4 million for a two-week, $34 million total, according to studio estimates.

The Martin Lawrence/ Steve Zahn comedy "National Security" squeezed in at #2 with $15.7 during its first three days of release. "A Guy Thing" (see "Selma Blair, Julia Stiles, Jason Lee Make Love Triangle In 'A Guy Thing' ") was the weekend's other widely released new picture, debuting at #7 with $7.1 million.

Meanwhile, the Golden Globes-winning/ nominated trio of "Chicago," "About Schmidt" and "The Hours" (see " 'Chicago' Knocks 'Em Dead, Wins Three Golden Globes") all performed well over the weekend as their prospective studios continue to roll them out slowly to an ever-increasing number of theaters.

"Chicago" took in $8 million in its fourth week of release, contributing to its current $27.7 million total. Despite playing in roughly 2,000 fewer theaters than "A Guy Thing," "Chicago" was the weekend's #6 movie. "About Schmidt" landed at #8 with $6.2 million for a $30 million six-week total, while "The Hours" was right behind it at #9 with $4.7 million. "The Hours" has made $7.4 million in its four weeks of limited release.

The rest of the weekend's top 10 includes "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" at #4 with $11.43 million ($298.9 million, five weeks); "Catch Me If You Can" at #5 with $11.3 million ($135 million, four weeks) and "Two Weeks Notice" at #10 with $4.1 million ($85 million, five weeks).