During Hiatus, Nickelback Eat, Sleep ... And Record

Nickelback avoid screwing up, move away from cliches on upcoming album.

Nickelback are still "working," as they say, a fourth single from their smash Silver Side Up, but singer Chad Kroeger is not too focused on it.

"The album's run its course," he said Janruary 13 at an American Music Awards post-party. (Click for photos from the red carpet of the AMAs.) "We've made all the Nickelback fans we're going to make."

Instead, the Canadian rockers are looking toward their next album, which Kroeger said would be released sometime this year.

Nickelback are currently in the middle of a two-month hiatus, but have recorded three new songs and written another 15.

"It's even more focused than the last stuff and it's very gritty," Kroeger said. "One thing Nickelback loves to do is sing about topics that most bands don't like to sing about. Most bands like to sing about love or normal song material kinds of things, and we like to sort of address issues. And that feels good. When someone identifies with something you are singing about in a song, besides just clichés, that feels great."

At the AMAs, the band performed a song that does happen to be about relationships, "How You Remind Me," one of the most popular songs of last year (see "Eminem Sold Most Albums, Nickelback Ruled Radio In '02").

"I'm just happy we didn't screw up," said Kroeger, who is nominated for a total of four Grammys — one with the band and three for independent projects like his "Spider-Man" soundtrack contribution, "Hero" (see "Eminem, Avril Lavigne, Nelly, Norah Jones Nab Most Grammy Noms"). "We hadn't played together for two months. Knocking the dust off and getting that kind of response, we're elated."

Silver Side Up's fourth single is, "Woke Up This Morning" (see Nickelback's Next Single Inspired By 'How You Remind Me' Girl").