Don't Operate Heavy Machinery While Listening To Puddle Of Mudd

New album causes chills and blurred vision, according to singer Wes Scantlin.

HOLLYWOOD — It's too bad Puddle of Mudd already used "Blurry" for a song title, because it would have made a good name for their new album.

"I heard eight of the tracks two nights ago, and they literally sent chills throughout my body, and my vision was impaired and kind of blurry for about 30 minutes straight," singer Wes Scantlin said Monday on his way into a party after the American Music Awards (see "Missing Eminem Cleans Up At American Music Awards" or click for photos from the red carpet).

Instead, the group is going with Life on Display, because, as Scantlin put it, "Sometimes, like tonight, I feel like my life is on display."

Puddle of Mudd have finished recording most of the album with producer John Kurzweg, who worked on the band's debut as well as Creed's three albums.

"I'm just trying to crawl under people's skin and make them feel good," Scantlin said of his contributions, which he described as "passionate and emotional." "The lyrics are about problems that I still kind of go through on a daily basis. Will I ever meet the right woman? I don't know."

Scantlin said there are several potential singles on the album, due in the spring. "We're going to pick a great rock song first and follow it up with something more mellow."

Once Life on Display is completed, Puddle of Mudd plan to finalize a summer world tour.

"We'll bring some great bands out with us," the singer said. "I don't feel we need to open up for anybody."